Roustam Tariko, Russian Entrepreneur: An Iconoclast in a Maelstrom Case Solution

This Case is about  Family Enterprise

published: 09 Jan 2000

It likewise looks carefully at entrepreneurship in the really intricate political and financial environment in Russia, and evaluations the method previous record and culture affect the course of an entrepreneurial company’s advancement ideas which can be used to companies in various other Eastern European nations. The instance is a chronicle of a founder-entrepreneur’s worries, hopes and impressions, an intimate appearance at the birth and development of a business owner company. This case has a number of primary styles. There are distinct troubles dealt with by business owners in Russia, varying from absence of self-confidence by foreign financiers, to dealing with the mafia and federal government authorities. Trainees are challenged to reach their own conclusions about Roustam Tariko and his service practices, based on the goal and subjective details they are provided simply as they would have to do in a genuine life circumstance working for him or with him as an expert, or as a possible financier.

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