Is Romantic Love Psychological Case Solution

Perhaps, such research has been proposed by the researcher in favor of the concept, however, many researches been against the idea about the dilation of pupil as the effect of love. According to (Sherwood, 2006), the pupil dilation is basically the effect of the biological phenomenon to see the person of interest more closely or more at a time, this is why the other surrounding gets blur, while focusing on one individual in a surrounding.

In order to understand the functioning of the brain in terms of love, there are two main structures that are actually involved and support the fact love in human body, these two make the limbic system of the brain that is actively involved and controls the emotional response of the individual.The particular limbic system at basic includes the basal nuclei and the thalamus, and the hypothalamus. While all three components of the limbic system are active in controlling the emotional response of the human as exposed to the opposite gender, the hypothalamus plays an active role and is involved in both behavioral and sexual function.The research concluded that the person’s body responds wholly when he sees the object he desires. During such process the brain releases adrenaline that gives the happy feeling while the neurotransmitter releases the hormones that control the brain activity and action of the individual towards that person. Such responses are characterized by two actions which are fight and flight response.

Such responses are prepared by the nervous system to decide either to fight against the stimuli or flight away from the object to safe oneself from the external attack. During the certain stimuli, the body reacts and increases the high heartbeat, palpation, sweating and loss of focus that ultimately gives the feeling of the person “Being in love”. On analyzing the more detailed aspect of love, the researchers found that in response to the “love at first sight” the chemicals like end orphins, oxytocin, dopamine and vaso press in area also released and are equally important in altering the happy feeling role for the individual.

The study of neuroscience depicts a strong relationship between the passionate love and biological basis.(Winter, 2014)Suggested that people with different ethnic groups and cultural background have a strong brain activity when questioned about the love partner.Author used the technique of FMRI that analyzed the brain function when questioned on different aspects of love.It detailed the high brain activity in the emotional thalamus of the brain that ultimately suppressed the critical thinking part and depression and stress part of the brain.

1.1-            Psychological Aspect of Love

According to psychology, researchers have proposed the concept of love as hysteria or mania.Many researchers have proposed that though love seems to be more of an abstract concept, it is concrete enough to design a study plan for the concept.Freud the father of             psychology established many abstract ideas to concrete studies that allowed the researchers and the individuals to understand the meaning of abstract ideas like love, dream happiness,sadness and sorrow.He linked every concept of the human nature with a concrete study.

According to Freud theory of love, love and sexuality are intertwined and start at the very early age of 4-7 years.He summarized the finding that from the beginning, the child develops a certain identity of love and generates the feeling of love for the opposite sex parent, i.e. a boy with the mother and a girl with the father. He explained the phenomenon that at the age of consciousness, the child may feel jealous of his same sex parent like girl with mother or a boy with father for having more attention of the desired beloved parents.Such things response as being distant from the father and jealous when the father is more affectionate towards the mother.He named the phenomenon of love occurred at the early age as the Oedipus complex and Electra complex in boys and girls respectively(Freud, 2009).

According to Freud, it is due to the Oedipus and Electra complex that the individual at the age of puberty look for opposite gender and urges for affection and love from the opposite gender.He explained that the identity of the individual as male and female is developing after the occurrence of Oedipus and Electra complex, that teaches the individuals the affection and attraction established for opposite gender.Though the theory prosperedled to many controversies as of seeing the children as deriver of sexual perspectives in the system (Freud, 1993).

In addition to this, supporting the theory proposed by Freud, (Pincott, 2008)proposed that women tend to seek for a  long term love relationship if they see their father as the loving role model in their early stages of life while the males tend to develop affinity towards the woman that somehow resembles to their mothers.This aspect of Pinott theory coincides with the Freud theory of love.

Ma slow on the other hand,has proposed a somewhat different theory than the Freud theory. According to Freud, people tend to subconsciously choose the right partners irrespective of the situation they are brought up in.He further emphasized, that parent’s relationship has minimal impact on the individual’s upbringing and mind set and rather have rational choices by analyzing the relationship of the parents.He suggested that children who have seen bitter parental relationship tend to be more rational while choosing the partner and fall in love slowly and gradually using the head and not the heart.He suggested that individuals turning into love seek for self-actualization, attention and priority…………………..

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