Evaluation of the markets

The company has been operating in a one of complex marketplace. Indeed, the increasing competition in the market has created complex marketplace. Because, the company is operating in the jet engine manufacturing industry. Furthermore, the company does not only produce the jet engines but it also has other electronic segments in which it has been operating efficiently. However, there is huge competition in the market that has created complex marketplace for the company. Furthermore, the company has already working efficiently in the market given that it is on the third stage of Hayes and Wheel internally supportive.

Meanwhile, that market is very complex to enter. Because, there is huge competition, and increased market place has placed many entry barriers. On the other hand, the increased regulations have also made it very difficult for the companies to qualify to enter into the market. But, it is also important to know that companies that has been already working in the electrical industry, it could have high chances to qualify for the entry into the industry.


After analyzing the case and evaluating the financial position and market conditions of Roll Royce Aircraft engine manufacturing division it can be Recommended that, the senior management of the company should incorporate mechanistic mindset in its operational processes, proposed by henry ford.  In which, it could be advised that, the use of machinery and skilled labor force goes hand in hand and the operational process made effective by the synergy between a company’s labor force and automation. This could enable the organization to significantly improve its operation capacity, while maintaining a low cost of production.

Furthermore, the organizations management could also incorporate six sigma levelof production in its business functions. Which would allow the organization to identify thediscrepanciesin its production processes and develop appropriate strategies to mitigate or minimize the level of discrepancies identified. Which, inturn, would enable the organization to significantly improve its profitability and ensure that, it would be able to secure a sufficient share of the market. Which could also allow the company to ensure its long-term survival in the highly diverse and competitive market.

In addition to this, the company could also incorporate Japanese6S model. Which would allow the organization to perform all the six S in its business process. While keeping it’s operating environment clean and neat to prompt or identify any leaks or issues on a timely basis and provide quick remedies for any problems identified, avoiding any unnecessary downtimes in its business operations. As the downtimes, could be a major contributor for increasing the cost of production unnecessarily and it could also compromise the company’s ability to ensure its long-term survival in the market. By investment significant amount of capital in itsexpansion activities……….

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