Robin Chase, Zip car, and an Inconvenient Discovery Case Solution


The former CEO and founder of Zip car; one of the most renowned and largest car-sharing company all around the world with amazing innovation, inspiration and impact. Chase made an alarming discovery; the revenue amount generated for the period of September by Zip car was half of what Chase had projected. In essence, Chase had been pondering to pursue such business that would’ve most likely offered her an interest and autonomy so that she could’ve carry on her determination and passion. When she decided to launch Zip car, Chase was challenged by various resistance and hurdles, because launching Zip car required huge capital to finance the project and right skill base in order to analyze the financial performance which was most eminent. Therefore, Chase contemplated to provide an eco-friendly and cheap car service to most populated cities all around the globe. The question faced by Chase was, what she should do in order to set the organization on the profitable course, whereas safeguarding the developing relationship of company with its 430 members.

It is imperative to note that Chase was one of the transformational leader with the skills of convincing and persuading the entire team in the right direction. She had an ability to make the implementation smooth and right. Besides, the founder faced the challenge of financing decisions and the problem doubled when Chase miscalculated all the expenses. Therefore, a better business plan and strategic action was needed in order to proceed with the idea in the future with high possibilities to be sustained in the long term, in the market.

Strength of Chase

  1. In essence, Chase is proactive in her approach. She always takes risks and plays active role in growing the corporation. These characteristic have allowed her to carry fundamental research on launch the business worldwide.
  2. She has the future ability to grow nationally and internationally, she has never lost her vision to regulate the business operations and set the business goals despite of being a mother of three, she always made deliberate efforts in order to solicit new ideas from member of team and ensured to use her own insights in making decisions.
  3. Not only this, she has been capable of empathizing with other people, allowing her to have a closer look on the emerging issues and concerns while proceeding the business growth strategy.
  4. Since, she has always been engaging and an interactive leader, allowing her to get in touch to any of the member on board, inspiring people to achieve remarkable and unexpected results. Additionally she has always been disciplined and consistent in her treatment of other, which in turn helped her to convince other parties.

Weaknesses of Chase

  1. Even though, Chase is recognized as one of the charismatic leader, she has made miscalculations or the business performance that has nearly sank the organization, which is one of the evident weakness.
  2. In addition to this, since she has been optimistic about the future of the company or has always believed in the better future, making her neglect the challenges and risk associated with the organization in both short term and long term.
  3. Furthermore, she has no traits of operational leaders, since she missed the view in order to meet the demands with scarce resources………….


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