Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley Case Solution & Answer

Rob Parson at Morgan Stanley

The 360-valuation approach:

There are various approaches used by different companies for evaluating their employee’s performances. Out of various approaches available companies prefer to use approaches by considering their cost-efficiency. Approaches with lower time costs and monetary costs are often given preference. To do so many companies try and test new and latest approaches based on the discussed criteria to obtain accurate outcomes. And if I was in the position of Paul Nasr I also would have used the best and most effective approach out of all available as per the organization’s requirement and need because not every approach is applicable for a particular situation. Based on the situation analysis and if I was in the position of Paul Nasr, I also would have gone for the same approach because in my opinion for the position like managing director it is the most effective method to take into account the feedback and responses of the staff toward the person under consideration for the post. This way everyone in the organization even the customers would be able to participate in the decision of giving authority to the person and there would be no to zero disagreements or criticism from the organization internally and externally for the considered promotion. Also by using this approach the scope of self-awareness among the employees would increase because by giving the feedback the employee would also do their performance evaluations to check whether their performance complies with the required work standard or not.

Also by using this approach the employees would get evaluated from all the behavioral aspects not just being evaluated based on performance. Because it is not necessarily implied that if a person is performing well and working effectively then he must be having good and professional behavior with his colleagues as well, just like in the case with Rob Parson. Hence this approach is the best way to evaluate employees’ performances. Besides this, this approach is also beneficial to create self-awareness and maximize the confidence among the employees even from the lower management.  Because it is observed very often in the companies that during the performance evaluation process, participation of the employees from lower management is not considered so they are not being able to participate but in a bigger picture, their participation is required in such processes because they are the actual drivers of the firm’s business and any decision regarding the company and leader selection included in it would directly impact their performance. Hence 360 approach would prove to be beneficial for the company that way because it would be involving the employees from lower management in the decision-making process and the result could be more accurate.

Moreover, by participating in the decision-making process the firm’s employees would be able to evaluate themselves as well because by giving their responses and feedback to others they would know the criteria of behavioral standards to be maintained in a professional environment so they would try to evaluate themselves as well based on that criterion and comply to all those standards as well. In case an employee finds him, a misfit, according to the criteria of behaving in organizational culture, they could use and go for various behavioral courses and programs to boost their work performances. Rob Parson can also go for such training programs and behavior management courses to overcome his behavioral issues and get to learn about professional standards of working along with the compliance of organization culture.

Also based on the performance evaluation there is no doubt that Rob is a very dedicated employee towards the company so his behavioral issues must not be directly discussed and communicated to him because this could demotivate him personally, instead, the mode of communication should be constructive and convincing to him so that he would realize the importance of professional behavior in a working environment and would try to overcome his issues to be the MD of Morgan Stanley.

What should Rob do?

Rob must realize the importance of emotional intelligence and self-management because of the position he was being considered for. If I put myself in his position, I would have tried my best to adapt to the organizational culture and manage my behavior according to its environment. I would not have considered myself fit for the position if I would lack in any required behavioral standard ahead of my performance efficiencies and hard work. I would have gotten involved in several training programs to overcome my overall behavioral and professional lacking. I would have tried to communicate with my colleagues, seniors as well as subordinates to determine and identify my weaknesses and then ask for their help as well to get overcome such issues. Every hardworking individual dream to get promotions and any hindrance in its process would lead to personal dissatisfaction. So,to avoid this dissatisfaction, I would be taking various steps and ask for my senior’s help to avoid being aggressive at professional environment.


My career was initiated as a part-time office job. Sometime later I got a promotion and became a team leader and also got a chance to choose my team out of the staff. I got the same challenge there as well, I realized that one of the employees there was hardworking and his performance was very effective but his unprofessional behavior does not allow him to be a perfect fit for a team leader. I also discussed the overall situation with my manager but according to him, this matter was to be solved by myself. So I asked the employee to behave well with his colleagues and other employees at the office. I appreciate him regularly to get him motivated and not to lose a hardworking team member. I would ask for the reasoning behind his rude behavior. According to him, it was because of his nature that he often end sup being rude to others and it is not his fault. So I let him realize the poor consequences of behaving the way he was behaving. Our discussion was proved to be constructive for him and he changed his attitude for the better. Throughout the project he tried his best to behave properly with others although sometimes it was very difficult for him to do it as a whole, he worked hard for it.


Rob was a very hard-working employee for the company. He has a very sharp mind and has planning skills, decision-making skills, and the ability to take the risks. Managing director Paul Nasr was very happy about Rob’s performance and he thought to promote him as managing director post at Morgan Stanley. But his attitude, actions, way of behaving with employees and abilities of team work was not good. Employees were complaining about Rob so Paul was worried about whether he should promote Rob to the managing director position or not. It was better not to promote him to that position because of the consequences attached to it…….

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