Riverside Hospital’s Pharmacy Services Case Solution & Answer

Riverside Hospital’s Pharmacy Services Case Solution


Riverside District Memorial Hospital (RDMH) initiated its operations in 1948. It was a rural community hospital who served both patients who were admitted (patients who needed hospitalized care) as well as the patients who came for checkup and minor injuries for a short period of time. The organizational structure of Riverside District Memorial Hospital (RDMH)is composed of functional structure, in which each department is given specific duties to be performed. The functional structure helps the organization to work efficiently and improve the productivity (cure patients in a short period of time and suggest most suitable medication for their treatment). Functional structure also reduces the cost and duplication of the function, as each person or department is specialized in their operations. (officals, Riverside Hospital’s Pharmacy Services, 2014)

The mission statement of the organization is to improve the health of each person,to whom it serves medical treatment, and to respond to the needs of our communities by providing the best care to its patients, which increasesthe durability of their lives.The vision statement of the organization is to provide innovative and high quality health care to its patients. The teams and partners are honest in providing high quality services to the patients and cure them as soon as they can.(officals, Annaul report)

The main goal of the management is to reduce the ADEs and work more efficiently in order to solve the long term problems existing in the hospital’s pharmacy. Saving time and cost is another goal that the management wants to achieve through the new system. It also wants to ensure that the five substantial rights are practiced,which include,the Right Patient, The Right Medication, Right Dose, Right Route, and Right time.(officals, Riverside Hospital’s Pharmacy Services, 2018)

Riverside District Memorial Hospital (RDMH)is composed of diversifiedculture, under which each department is responsible to perform its duties. Themanagement has proposed changes in order to provide efficient services to its patients. Being a small community hospital; the staff of the hospital is composed of people who live in or around the Riverside hospital.The criterion set by the management is implementing a system, which improves the problems existing in the current system and achieving its goals with the least possible cost, due to the reduction in funds allocated by the Government. (officials, Current and emerging issues in the healthcare sector, including home and community care, 2014)

Problem Statement:

TheVice President of the Riverside District Memorial Hospital (RDMH) found that the quality and safety of the service at his hospital might become compromised. Besides which, she found that the various errorshave been made in prescribing the medication to thepatients. Due to this reasons, she found some alternatives which can improve the efficiency and reduce the errors. The challenges that she is facing in choosing the best suited alternative is that she must work with in the limited operational budget,whichis determined by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care in the Canadian province.

SWOT Analysis:


  • One of the main strengths of RDMH is its out patients surgical program. Under this program, the expert physicians perform surgeries and help the patients to heal fast and get discharged from hospital and have comfort at their homes.This provides more comfort to the patients and strongly fit with the needs of the population that the hospital has prioritize to serve.(Sammut-Bonnici & Galea, 2015)
  • The organization is working with the collaboration of two other hospitals in order to reduce the cost, improve the efficiency and services, and provide better services to its patients.
  • One of the major strengths of RDMH is that the organizationhas a long history of fiscal accountability, finishing each year with a balanced budget. In comparison to RDMH, no other hospital in its region had been able to attain a balanced budget
  • The organization is continuously working onimproving its revenues by each passing year.
  • The staff of the hospital is loyal and perform its duties more effectively.
  • Various members of the hospital staff actively participate in different activities in order to ensure that the money is not wasted and they report potential problems regarding the management and the medications in order to get them solved on time.
  • The organization serves its patients efficiently in order to improve its revenue as well as to cure thepatients efficiently by providing the expert services.
  • RDMH endorses the patients’ safety action plan with an aim to increase the awareness about patients’safety and improve the operations.
  • The staff is more concernedto ensure safe medication management practices and policies.
  • The organization is continuously focusing on research in order to find out the root causes contributing to the current problems being faced by the organization, and to develop various alternatives to solve the problems.
  • The organization is focusing on developing new ways to cure its patients effectively.


  • Various cases of patient’s death have been identified, and the root cause behind these deaths was the lack of safety measures from the administration and physicians’ side.
  • Most of the hospital staff is inexperienced and has never workedat any other hospital before.
  • The medication prescription system relies on the hand written medication orders, which is one of the main reasonsthat cause theoccurrence of errors and increase the errors, for example if the physicianhas written 10mg dosagefor their patients, due to the complex hand writing the nurse misread it as 1.0mg.
  • The organization is still using old medicationsystem at their hospital, due to which the patients have to wait for a longer period of timefor receiving their medication and have relief from pain.
  • The pharmacist was not available all the time especially when their expertise was required. Theresponsibility of the pharmacist was to ensure that the right dose was giving to the clerk for the right patients according to the prescription.
  • Errors in diagnosing the diseases as well as errors in prescribed dose of morphine given to patients is one of the main reasons of increased death rate at hospital. Most of the deaths at hospitalswere determined to have occurred due to the heart failure, because of administering of the wrong dose of morphine.
  • Most of the pharmacy technicians tried not to call the pharmacist unless it had become absolutely necessary. Most of the pharmacy technicians only call the pharmacist in order to receive the on call bonus that the hospital pay each time when a pharmacist calls in.
  • Limited availability of the budget is considered to be one of the major weaknesses of the organization. With the limited budget, the organization isn’t able to implement the advanced technology, which is mitigating the hospital in reducing the errors.
  • The population of the region in which the RDMH operatesis mostly composed of older people, and has higher rate of hospitalization as compared to other regions. Prescribing the medication to geriatric patients is difficult for the physician at hospital, because these patients had generally suffered from more than one illness and reaction of different antibiotics increase the chances of death rate.

The availability and retention of health professionals is difficult for the organization. Due to the small number of beds, there were numerous challenges in ensuring that specialist care was available when needed………….


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