Capacity and Security

Meanwhile, therisk is not itself a danger. However, it is an indication offor an event that might occur over a certain probability which may depend on the capacity and security of that situation. However, the capacity does determine the security of something. For e.g.if a company had invented a product in the market that has not been so successful. Whereas, the copyrights for the companyarevery important. Consequently, as the product is diffused in the market,its capacity increases as well.

Furthermore, the increased capacity requires security of the products through a systematic way by engaging with the governmental agencies to take appropriate actions against the fraudulent elements in the markets that sell similar products with thesame label in the black market. So, for the company, this is a huge risk that company might its product might suffer at its initial phases of marketingand selling. So, the increased capacity of the company would require security as well.(Newsome, 2014)

Indeed, the capacity is company’s increased customer base in the market due to diffusion of its products that are widely purchased and used in different markets by the consumers. So, the increased company’s capacity is anevent that has arisk for the company to mitigate it through properly identifying and assessing it. However, it is also important to analyze the probability that risk would occur, and what potential returns would it have regarding thecompany.

Consequently, the increased capacity should be managed and controlled otherwise the exposure to the risk would increase and cause a dramatic decline in the security and increase the probability of the risk to the company in either of its operations.

Information Technology Company

An information technology (IT) company involves providing abroad range of software and hardware solutions to businesses. However, the IT Company is involved in the four types of the business solutions. See Figure 1. The IT Company has four main features including Business Computer Network, Database Management, Information security, and software development and computer technology support as well.(Udemy Blog, 2013)

Business Computer Management

Similarly, the IT Company has been providing awide range of services in the business computer network that includes setting the network in the organization. Because, a network would enable businesses to let computers communicate with each other and share files and printers, furthermore, through network system companies often able to implement the enterprise resource planning software that would be used throughout the company with the help of network system.

Database Management

Furthermore, the Database management services provided by the IT company includes routinely administration of the database  and to manage and provide the security. These may include implementation, updates, and improvement to the systems to avoid any breaches to the data, similarly, company should also tune, upgrade and migrate data on the request of the organization. However, these are services being provided by the IT Company.

Information Security

Similarly, after implementation of the network or software in the organization, the most important service is the security service to the company to ensure that rising security concerns through the industries should be mitigated by the proper security system……………….

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