Right Clients, Right Way Successes And Challenges Of Brand Consultant Tommy Li Case Solution & Answer

Right Clients, Right Way Successes And Challenges Of Brand Consultant Tommy Li Case Solution

1.      Selling Skills:

Even if the company charges higher price than other companies in the industry, the company has the skills to sell the products with the trust established through good communication and presenting thoughts and ideas as well as responding quickly to the changes in the environment.Moreover,Li tried hard to improve himself in terms of communication by reading books.

2.      Business development:

The most essential factor is whether the organization’s customer list includes famous companies. In this way, Li’s business development goal was to interface with senior managers who knew how to acknowledge and value the significance of designs. With the help of such people, the opportunities for the company would be highlighted in order to achieve the company’s potential as well as it create a beneficial situation. To achieve these customers with high buying power, the most favored course is to tailor gatherings, workshops and public addressing to them.

3.      Team Building:

Tommy Li has developed the team with the help of corporate culture, which he had made.Moreover, he provided two years’ leverage to adapt that culture in order to get better outcome as well asto learn the work flow of the company.

4.      Financial control:

The small and medium companies regularly face issues regarding income. A long time ago, Li understood the significance of financial control. As a result, he focused on liquidity, working costs, benefits and assets. His organization consistently directed a business in order to gauge for every year and to make an audit of it on a regular basis. In an event that the cash flow expectations are not met, the next move would be to collect the debt.

Also, Tommy Li was involved in the following strategies:

  • Li never bid for projects
  • Also giving clients a chance to come to him, he likewise picked his clients strategically
  • Tommy Li had faith in strong relationship with his customers
  • Tommy Li used to work for various designing firms in the course of ten years and he learnt that hard work and commitment do not always generate a positive outcome

1.      Could Li apply the strategy in Hong Kong to the development of the China market?

Tommy Li learnt how to gain attention of the clients strategically, which requiredmutual understanding in order to fulfill the clients’ demands. The way of choosing the clients would help him maintain the stardom and to further grow the business for better serving the international mix of the customers’ not only in Hong Kong, but also internationally such as in China, Macau, Japan and Italy.

After twenty years, the situation had changed. With the period of time, China became thecompany’s major market to enter, whereas other international companies entered into competition. Due to the rapid development in China in 2010, the company had to make other strategies in order to survive in the competitive and emerging fashion and design industry.

Therefore, Li should not use the same method as he had used in Hong Kong in light of the fact that to him the customers are the same, and his vision was clear, which was to target those customers who are loyal to the company.

He had a vast experience in advertising, which helped him in establishing his business for his customers in China. Customers availed the services/products of the company due to the better brand name and reputation. The staff comprised of 14 members in China whose main objective was to run the organization viably. He had the fear of targeting the wrong customers only for running operations in the specific area.

Some differences had been observed between both countries in terms of consumer behavior, culture, background and other situations, therefore Li would have to make some changes in the strategies such as;……………….

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