Ricahrd Murphy and the Biscuite Company Case Solution & Answer

Ricahrd Murphy and the Biscuite Company Case Solution

In addition, the Murphy wanted to implement changes quickly, he didn’t focus on the employees of the caccompanyto wwhetherwill they react if the change occurs in the organization. Murphy forced the change, which was the right bwheneverMurphy implement the change,itwas wrong, there are some steps taken by the Murphy was wrong. His first mistake was when Murphy replaced the old staff wwithdrewstaff, the reason old staff were not supporting the change is thatit was the wrong step taken by Murphy, he can implement this strategy on the old staff by convening and effectively ccommunicationtowhy change is necessary for them. Another mistake Murphy made wasthat he created discrimination between old staff and young staff for marketing job. Along with that, there should be aformal meeting so that people of the many departments can communicate their issues relating to the company and provide their views, so that Murphy can resolve the entire matter.

Managing the change in the organization:

In managing the change, the marketing director had to deal with all stakeholders, which include customers, distributers, and suppliers and had to tackle the conflicts in incorporating or leading the change. Murphy had to make changes because he was not satisfied with the existing marketing conditions and offered new strategic planning. The business was successful because of cost constraint factors, financial management, and production schedules.

Therefore, Murphy had to use a careful approach in bringing up the change in this competitive environment, as it was observed in the case that Murphy had littleconnection with the employees because he was hired as a new marketing and sales director and he wanted to make quick changes in the organization that might create some difficult situations in workplace.

 The culture of the organization was very strong due to loyal customers and accepting change created obstacles in their employees’ job security and other benefits. Therefore, in leading the change, Murphy had to make a marketing plan that will restructure the relationship in the workplace by increasingthe number of staffs in marketing department in order to meet the internal change, along with accepting external social and political opportunities.

Strategic Analysis and Murphy’s change management process:

Murphy wanted quick change in the organization and he had to pass through the three phases of the process, which include unfreezing, changing, and refreezing.

Unfreezing stage:

In the unfreezing stage that starts before adapting the change, he had to properly communicate with the employees about change and had to make employees believe that the change is not aconstant thing. For this purpose, Murphy had to aware the employee’s first for the change and communicate that the existing level is creatingdisturbances and hindrances in achieving the goal of the company. Along with this, the amendments in organizational structure, processes, people, and also the behaviors are important to examine in order to become more competitive in the work place. Delivering the message about change is very important, as it benefits each employee and motivates it to carry out the change.

Changing stage:

This stage comes after the unfreezing stage in which the transition takes place after implementing the action plan for the change. Murphy used the force field analysis in order to consider factors that accept and restrain changes. The change was accepted, as improvement in the brand name was required in order to sustain this competitive market. Murphy avoided controlling the existing employees that created the differences and conflicts between old and new employees. In order to control the restraining factors, Murphy should communicate with existing employees sinceAndrew was also in favor of current employees,should involve in the process of change for success and sustainability of the change and should provide cross functional training for the effective use of new procedures and gain support from each departmental employees for change……………….

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