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Research Task Case Study Analysis

Statement of problem

The telecommunication sector is advanced in Saudi Arabia in comparison to the rest of region. However, global trends indicate that this sector will radically change in the next ten years and regulators are barely keeping up. Saudi Arabia needs develop a forward-thinking strategy to promote itself as an attractive investment destination for innovative telecommunication companies.

Objective of the research

The objective of the research is to attract an innovative Telco company to invest in Saudi Arabia.

Introduction to Telecommunications technologies and global trends and innovation in this space

Before the emergence of the data networks and internet, the telecommunication had the distinct meaning; the telephone was the technological application that have allowed the people to communicate by voice at a distance\. More recently, the communication at the distance has expanded to comprise web browsing, instant messaging, video conferencing, data transport as well as other types of the distributed collaboration, enabled by transmission media expanded to include broadband fiber transport, hybrid fiber/coaxial cable, terrestrial wireless and microwave. The technologies for the purpose of communicating with others have greatly changed over the last 50 years. Empowered by the research into the digital electronics and semiconductors in the telecommunication industry, analog representations of video, images and voice have been immensely supplanted by the digital representations.

The mobile phones and internet has been using by business for marketing purposes. They tends to create the advertisement on sites, social media pages, digital marketing campaigns for reaching customers al around the globe. The telecommunication corporations are in charge of both mobile and internet carriers. Customer highly needs these packages in order to communicate with their relatives, friends and partake in the social media challenges, finding stable career and buying products online. The connectivity has become central to many things including entertainment and work. The people like to remain connected, a part of their lifestyle.

Both requirements and needs for the telecommunication services has been advancing with the passage of time. Mobile phones are becoming compact and turning telecommunication business into the primarily wireless business. The need of customer leads to more investment in corporations who has been holding strong influence over the telecommunication development in smart phones, computers and laptops.

There are various technological trends which have significantly shaped the telecommunication industry as a whole. Few of them are discussed below;

Fifth generation (5-generation)

The fifth generation promises the significant and dramatic changes. It not only being able to support the hundredfold increase in connected devices / unit area but also offer improved data rates, ultra-low-latency and enable the network slicing. This in turn, tend to open the doors for the new and improved services, customer experience and network operation for the telecom operators. The shift in the telecommunication industry require telecom to engage with enterprise customer, governments as well as alter the sale approach to help customer in leveraging the 5G power.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

In today’s business environment, the artificial intelligence is one of the industries that make an effective use of the artificial intelligence. Through the chatbox and virtual assistance, as well as the artificial intelligence that tend to use these tools behind the scenes, the provider of the telecommunication services improve customer satisfaction and services. The artificial intelligence is vital for the predictive maintenance and optimization of the networks of the telecommunication companies. Furthermore, through the predictive analysis, the artificial intelligence makes it possible for the telecommunication companies to glean the actionable business insights from the data volume that they gather every day.

Internet of Things (IoT)

On account of the fact that the telecommunication industry enables the internet device connectivity, it is considered as the largest player in the market of Internet of Things. It is pertinent to note that the Internet of Things help the telecommunication service providers to monitor data centers and base stations remotely. This assist ensure that the downtime of network is minimal.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Another considerable and admirable trend in the global telecommunication industry is the robotic process automation that could take over rule-based, repetitive as well as highly frequency processes & completes them in accurate and reliable manner. When the telecommunication service provider tend to deploy the robotic process automation for task, the costs and error rates are reduced while operational efficiency and customer service is boosted. In addition to these services, the robotic process automation most likely offers the high level of agility and scalability for telecoms as well as could take over several other tasks including price tracking, order processing, responding to the question of customers, report generation and many more(Marr, 2019)……………………………….


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