Part 2- Designing a Research Study

Question 1

Both primary and secondary method for data collection will be used by the researcher in order to identify the appropriate subject required to conduct the survey in order to obtain relevant information. The appropriate methods that can be used by the researcher to obtain the desired data are by using secondary data and survey. The method used for the collection of data will be through interviews and questionnaires. The individual included in the study will be a randomly selected e.g., heroin users in the Kensington part of Philadelphia. The interview will proceed through questionnaires that will be obtained from the participants on a face to face basis. Secondary data will we obtained by the means of academic sources such as books, articles and journals for the literature review.


There are various methods for data collection for the research purpose, among them the survey method is preferred by many of the researches because of its various properties and the accuracy in results. However, it also has some weak points that should be kept in mind.







·         Represents large number of population.

·         Cost effective.

·         A convenient way for gathering data.

·         It is statistically significant, as large no. of population is being represented.

·         Results are reliable as biasness is eliminated.

·         Results obtained are precise.



·         Survey method is inflexible.

·          Respondent may not provide an honest answer.

·         Data error due to no response may exist.

·         Respondent may not be fully aware of the reason of selecting particular answer.


Literature Review:

It is scholarly paper, including the substantive findings, knowledge regarding the subject and the research topic. It is a secondary source, and includes research work that has already been conducted.






·         Provide deep understanding, knowledge of a particular topic.

·         Can help in identifying the appropriate variables require for the research.

·         Identifying the right method and approach for your research.

·         Highlight current debates and controversies over the subject.

·         It helps in refining the research questions.


·         May be outdated.

·         May be collected for some other purpose.

·         Parochial perspective adoption.

·         It can limit the intuitions and creativity.

·         Time consuming

·         It broadens the horizon, and involves the risk of losing focus.


Question 2


Problem Statement:

Opioid crisis arises by the misusage and addiction to opioids that incorporate heroin, synthetic opioids and pain relievers leading to serious crisis that not only effects the health of individuals but also impacts on economic and social welfare. Philadelphia in 2016, reported 840 drug overdose deaths. About 80% of those deaths were due to the over dosage of opioids. An immediate action is demanded in order to deal with the opioids crisis. It has been prescribed that CUES (comprehensive user engagement) which is also knows as a safe injection side can be used as a tool in dealing with the opioid crisis. Therefore, in order to identify and examine the value of CUES in Philadelphia, certain questionsregarding the value and effectiveness of CUES in Philadelphia need to be addressed and thus require research in order to find appropriate solutions of the problem identified.  (Lopez, 2018)……………………

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