Research and sampling Case Solution & Answer

Research and sampling Case Solution

Answer 3 (b):

Introduction of the survey:

We are extremely regretful for your inconvenience and rather thankful of you for taking out the time to answer questions regarding the sample. We guarantee that it won`t take much of your time and once again thanks for your co-operation.


Stage 1:

Q1) Do you purchase nutrition bars?


Yes (1) O
No (2) O


Q2) How often do you purchase nutrition bars?

Daily (1)  
Weekly (2)  
Once every two weeks (3)  
Once every three weeks (4)  
Once a month (5)  
More than a month (6)  
I don’t buy at all (7)  


If the answer to Q1 is No or 6, 7 are selected in Q2 then end the survey by showing the closing window.  If the answer is otherwise then proceed to the next stage of sampling.

Closing window:

The closing window should thank the client for his co-operation and sharing of valuable time.


Qualification window:

The qualification window should show the ending of the first stage of the survey and the commencement of the second stage of the survey.

Stage 2:

Q3)which nutrition bar brands do you most frequently consume? 

Randomize rows.  Keep others anchored last.

  Frequently purchased brands

(Select up to three)

Favorite brand
(Select one)
Clif Bar® (1) O O
KIND Bars® (2) O O
Nature Valley® (3) O O
Balance Bar® (4) O O
Luna Bars® (5) O O
Quest Barsâ„¢ (6) O O
PowerBar® (7) O O
Other 1 (Please specify: ______ ) (8) O O
Other 2 (Please specify: ______ ) (9) O O


Q4)Please allocate the points upon the characteristics that you prefer while consuming the nutrition bars of various brands.

Randomize rows

Nutrition bar characteristics Allocation
(Must equal 100 points)
Level of protein (1) ___
Level of carbohydrates (2) ___
Number of calories (3) ___
Level of fiber (4) ___
Level of healthy fats (5) ___
Organic ingredients (6) ___
Kid-friendly (7) ___
Total 100


Q5)Please rank the top five ingredients that you like in nutrition bars with 1 being your favorite ingredient.


Randomize rows.  Keep other anchored last.

Ingredients Top 5 Ingredients
(Use a ranking of 1 as your favorite)
Peanuts (1) ___
Walnuts (2) ___
Cranberries (3) ___
Sunflower seeds (4) ___
Chia seeds (5) ___
Pumpkin seeds (6) ___
Goji Berries (7) ___
Lemon (8) ___
Almonds (9) ___
Bananas (10) ___
Flaxseeds (11) ___
Raisins (12) ___
Apricots (13) ___
Coconut (14) ___
Bacon bits (15) ___
Apples (16) ___
Cashews (17) ___
Blueberries (18) ___
Pumpkin spice (19) ___
Cinnamon (20) ___
Chocolate (21) ___
Orange (22) ___
Other (Please specify)           (23) ___


Q6)Are you aware of customized nutrition bars online?


  Select one
Yes (1) O
No (2) O

If yes then proceed to question Q7 otherwise Q8.

Q7) Please select the custom nutrition bar brands that you know.


  Select all that apply
Element Bars (1) â–¡
YouBar (2) â–¡
Neither (3) O


Q8)How likely are you to purchase nutrition bars online?


1 – Very Unlikely 2 3 4 5 6 7 – Very Likely
â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹ â—‹


If the answer is 1 to 3 of question 8 then end the survey however; if the answer is from 4 to 7 then proceed to the next stage.

Third stage:

Q9) Would you participate in a Bar of the Month club?  Please note that:


  • A box of 12 featured nutrition bar(s) would be delivered to your doorstep each month
  • The monthly box would consist of a variety of seasonal / rotating flavors…………………
  • This is just a sample partial work. Please place the order on the website to get your own originally done case solution


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