RESEARCH ANALYSIS Case Solution & Answer


Question: 02

Answer (2a)

As per the data analysis of the five brands A, B, C, D, E it is evaluated that the BRAND C has the highest brand loyal consumers in the industry as compared to other brands and BRAND E has the lowers brand loyalty in the market as compared to other brands (A, B, C, D). The overall analysis shows that the BRAND C has 80% of brand loyal customers and BRAND E has 60% of brand loyal customers which is lower than other brands.

Answer (2b)

The market analysis of the five brands shows that about 28% of customers are those who switch brands from one brand to another brand. It is also identifies that these 28% customers are those who merely focuses on switching their brands with other brands in order to meet their satisfaction. Therefore, the customers decide to switch their brands among the five brands.

Answer (2c)

The market data of the five brands show the visible sign of occurrences of trends between the consumers and these industry trends are based on the market segment. As per the analysis of the data it is evaluated that in the market there are two market segment which are catering the customers. The brand A-B and E are one market segment and brand C and D is second market segment. Therefore, the sales of the brands also distinguish the market trend of both market segments.

The financial position of the both segment shows that the second market segment is growing fast as compared to the other segment. The segment which is growing during this period of time are brand C and D. At the initial state, the market segment B and E increases its sales from 40 to 220 and when the second segment C and D introduced their products in the market then captured the large market and they boostedthe sales from 80 to 250. Therefore the brand C and D compete in both segments.

Question: 03

Answer (3.1)

Critique this draft survey

In order to evaluate the needs of the customers, the organizations have conducted the draft survey which includes all the detailed questions which the organizationsare interested to know from its customers of the market segments. The draft survey which is conducted by organization is pretty interesting and it covers all features and judgments which the organization requires in order to evaluate the consumer purchasing power, buying behaviours, likes and dislikes related to the nutrition chocolate bar which the company introduced in order to provide facilities to its customers.

The draft survey also helps the organizations to understand the online buying behavior of the customers. Most of the organizations uses the draft survey method for evaluating the target audience and its target market segment. Therefore, by using this survey process the organization evaluates the taste preference, consumption rate and the reason of using the nutritional chocolate bar.

The draft survey was too long and it contain so much irrelevant or unnecessary question. Moreover, sometime people did  not respond to those surveys which contained a lot of questions so that is the problem where the organization is lacking. The organization should developed those questions which they feel are important and necessary to ask from the customers or not create lengthy questions which consume so much time. Customers always respond to those questions which are short and relevant because the customers do not have a lot of time to fill long survey questions. The group of the firm should isolate the model into multiple phases and only the sample or people that succeeds for the following phase of the sampling should be asked questions about the essentials in terms of offerings and brand of the company. …………………

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