Report of INDI’s new strategy Case Solution & Answer

Report of INDI’s new strategy Case Solution

Value Addition

Ronald McDonald can initiate more favorable campaigns in order to promote its activities and raise funds. It can boost its value with the social media strategies. The campaigns included videos of past event, and the discussion of the memorable picnic can build the perception of the consumers. They will get attracted due to nostalgia through the essence of the clips and videos of the joyful occasions. Thus, Ronald McDonald will be able to achieve its target in the future by promotion and utilization of its services and via raising funds using appropriate funding tactics for the events.

Events of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Orange County

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Orange County is a charity-based organization. The purpose of the organization is to accommodate children of 6-18 (Littles) with the support of volunteers (Bigs). Children come to the organization for support in their professional fields. The volunteers are allocated to the children for their area of interest in which they need support. Furthermore, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Orange County allocates the space for the training and counseling of the children carried out by the volunteers that help children to attain success in the community-based programs.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters arrange annually many festival events. The most beneficial festival is annual Gourmet dinner. They have arranged this system annually for 52 years.. Due to cars, scotch, and cigars the fundraisers do not want to miss this event. Moreover, there are more than 450 participants in the delicious dinner and cocktail social gathering. This allows people to mingle and meet many of the sponsors too. The event is arranged annually, and Big Brothers and Sisters of Orange County advertise it intensively on its websites and social media channels. There are many other projects that Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Orange County arranges. The projects include Bowl for Kid’s Sake, Annual Golf Tournament, Shop n’ Save, and Stars & Stripes. All these events are intensely advertised by Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Orange County through its digital marketing and gets a tremendous response in form of remarkable funds.

Value Addition

Although Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Orange County have secured a tremendous success on its way, it has been engaged in raising its funds through its events every year and has utilized capacities of advertisement; but it still needs to grow through other marketing strategies. Many skilled children and volunteers are participants of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Orange County, there can be an alumni arrangement for them. The children and volunteers will be benefitted with the alumni because it will carry some purpose like counseling, meet up, etc.

Marketing and Management tactics

In order to promote the charity programs of the non – profit organizations can play a significant role. is the site that brings youth to bring their videos to the channel and then the individuals themselves like shares and follows on their videos. arranges a competition of videos created by the contestants. Hence, their videos reach their friends and many more people on the social sites. Thus, the candidate with most likes, shares, and followers wins the contest.

 There are many other tools with which the charities can enhance their promotion on the social media. They can choose among the best video producers for the social sites of the organizations. The charity-based organizations with the companionship of can use the following tactics in order to raise funds in order to help people.

Recruitment for the contests

In order to achieve best video developer for the social sites of the charity-based organizations, the would have to recruit contestants. It will thus, use online domains, newspapers for advertisements. It can also enhance publicity through Television and radio channel advertisements. However, it can also select social media channels for the recruitment of the contestants……………..

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