Renault Nissan: The Challenge of Sustaining Change Case Solution

The case relates to the story of the miraculous recovery after Renault Nissan has decided to invest in the company. The automotive industry had begun a new wave of consolidation, and many industry leaders believe that the size was crucial for survival. This finding has led to several mergers and acquisitions that have produced variable results. The agreement between Renault and Nissan was remarkable because it has not been charged or designed as an acquisition or a joint venture. It is structured as a partnership, insisting that the two companies have their own separate market and separate executive committees would be your strategy identities. However, it was expected that the benefits arising from synergies between companies, ranging from design to manufacturing and logistics R & D. The case provides a rich description of the essential competitive elements that characterize the industry at the time of contract was signed. It also provides a good basis on the strengths and weaknesses of each company before going into the details related to the creation of the recovery plan and its implementation? Employee. The study provides a very good image of the internal challenges that Carlos Ghosn, Renault’s new leader, faces set? PART significant changes that were called for. Emphasis on people issues such as performance management, creating a culture change in relation to the tradition, the weight of the administrative heritage and its impact on performance management, and other related issues is made. Given the global nature of the setting, the angles between cultures provide a greater understanding of the challenges that leaders face when given a mandate for change. The case ends with a description of Renault and Nissan, which reported poor performance at the end of 2007. Ghosn was at the head of two companies for some time, and has difficulty maintaining the momentum behind the change.
Kannan Ramaswamy
Source: Thunderbird School of Global Management
12 pages.
Premiere: January 5, 2009. Prod #: TB0047-PDF-ENG
Renault Nissan: the challenge of maintaining Case Solution change

Renault Nissan: The Challenge of Sustaining Change Case Solution
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