Perhaps in marketing and supply chain both, the focus on the tangible goods and their movement throughoutthe businesschainhas been broadened with the passageof time.Such broadening of the concepts has also put the consideration of nature of the goodsoffered in the market, along with management aspects within and between the different participating organizations.

According to ( (Linton, 2017)), logic of market has made the marketing and supply chain to move in the same direction.Such is done by developing the relationship between the firm’sresources and competencies in order to produce thebetter products in the market to delight the customerand enhance the brand image and product virility in the market.Moreover, the rightanalysis ofthe resources and the internal competencies that include the supplier base and marketrelationshipalsooffer strong competitiveedge to the company, making a strong relationship between the SCM and marketing management within the organization.

Apart from this, the inception of different technology and digitalization hasalsointegrated the SCM ad marketing function within the organization. Though the directlink between technology SCM and marketing has not been developed, yet it is understood, that the technologyhasmade the SCM function to improve the supply and demand function for the organization, that in turn has made themarketing to analyze the loopholes in the product strategiesand ultimately makes the markets to develop the counter promotional strategyso to meet the desiredsales in the long term.

All in all, it can be said, thatboth marketing andsupply chain componentsaffect eachotherwithin the businesssetting. It is due to the fact, that it is the supply chain and supply chainmanagement that gathers resourceneeded and maintains the logistics andproductionand also helps in reaching the end customerseffectively. While on other hand, it is themarketing thattriggers the demand andsales in the market and makes customerto demand more, making the organization to produce more or less in the market.

In addition to this Sales and Operations are now the integrated parts of the businessstrategy.In doingso, the organization takes the function of operation such as production, procurement, distributionandretail along with the marketing tools or aspects such as brandbuilding,positioning and right customer targeting, making the operation optimized for the organization, leading to sustained profits and returns.

Lastly, thestrong relationship between the retail chain and the promotionalstrategies of marketing makes it easier for the organization to tap the customer.It is due to the fact, that such allows the organization to manage the customer demand andalso offer the adequate inventory in each store, saving the inventory cost and alsoimproving the product movement within the stores.In addition, marketing can help the supply chain functionsuch as distribution partners to take the advantage of strong brand image of the organization in the market, along them to reach more market through one strong brand in the market.Moreover, it also helps the retailors to sell the product to the customer more effectively due to the development of strong position in the customer mind along with strongbrand recall, making customer to purchase the product and thusincreasing thesales of the stores.Hence there is clear relationshipbetween marketingand supply chain that makes the organization to grow at an optimized level in the market, gaining substantialprofits andalso sustaining its position in the long term………………………

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