Rehabilitation Plan Case Solution & Answer

Rehabilitation Plan Case Solution

Case Study

Your patient is Matthew Jones, an 89 years old, retiree, who lives alone with no family support nearby, likes hosting elaborate dinner parties for friends and family, reports insidious onset and is diagnosed with adhesive capsulitis (“frozen shoulder”) as shown in Table 1. Your patient reports the right shoulder symptoms have been developing over the last six months, representing second stage of frozen shoulder.(Sharma, (2014)) Initially the shoulder was in very pain, including pain at night, but now the pain has improved somewhat. The main complaint now is the loss of shoulder’s movement, especially overhead and behind the back, with pain noted at the end of range. (Hui Bin Yvonne Chan, 2017)

Table 1: Three phases of frozen shoulder

  Freezing Frozen Thawing
Duration 2-9 month 4-12 month 5-26 month
Sign and Symptoms ·         Severe pain in shoulder, which worsens during the night time and gradual onset of diffuse. Subsiding of pain begins, followed by a progressive loss of ROM  
Conservative treatment ·         Patient’s education.

·         Medications: oral or intra articular glucocorticoids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

·         Physical therapy.

Physical therapy at each stage ·         Gentle stretching exercises.

·         Modalities: ice/heat pack

·         Maintenance of stretching exercises  Strengthening exercises: isometric/static

·         • Modalities: heat/ice pack

·         Maintenance of stretching exercises

·         Progression of stretching exercises from static/isometric to resistance based.

 The Impact of the Condition on the Person and His Close Surrounding

The patient`s health condition is affecting his psychological and physical condition negatively, which is decreasing the quality of life, significantly. Socialization plays an important role for the patient; therefore, the deficiency of opportunities to organize events and gatherings lasts negative impacts over his psychological well-being.  Patients with such health condition represented low scores on emotional and mental health, social function and shoulder assessment forms. (Prohaska, 2008)In such condition, many patients complain about the health condition,leading to sleep disturbance and an inability to lie on the influenced shoulder.(Henricus M Vermeulen, 2000)The health condition of the patient does not provide him with an opportunity to organize the events, effectively.Furthermore, the severe pain experienced by the patient does not allow him to enjoy the acts of accommodation and to remain an active listener. The patient suffers from the health condition from the physical perspective since it limits his movements and brings discomfort. “Patient has been experiencing pain, limited range of motion, and disability generally lasting anywhere from 1 to 24 months” (z). The health condition affects the close surrounding of the patient negatively, since his relatives and friends are worried about his physical well-being. Furthermore, the lack of incorporated measures might limit the capabilities of the patient significantly, which leads towards the necessity for the representatives of his close surrounding to dedicate time and efforts in taking-care of him.

Treatment Plan

Short Term Treatment Plan

The short term treatment plan should focus on the identification of the stage of adhesive capsulitis. According to Rawat et al. (2017), the particular health condition can occur in three stages. The first stage is the painful stage, during which the pain lasts from weeks to months. The second stage is the stiffening stage, which is characterized by the decreased or complete loss of active and passive ranges of motion. The particular stage might last up to one year. The third stage, the thawing stage, is characterized by a gradual recovery of ranges of motion. (Rawat et al., 2017). According to the information presented in the case study; the patient obtains the second stage of adhesive capitalistic. (Lim, 2017)Nonetheless, the short term treatment plan requires measures conduction to identify the stage of the health condition and to evaluate the individually mandated specifics of the patient………………

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