Reflection Report Case Solution & Answer

Reflection Report Case Solution 

Company Background

The company Siemens energy was founded by Werner Von Siemens in 1866, when he converted mechanical energy into electrical and made it applicable in daily life. In 1897, Siemens started an electric power plant in South Africa after which, the company grew by merging with Schuckert & Co, and in 1927, the company developed a 110-kV oil-filled cable through which safer connections were allowed across long-distance. After that, in the same year; the company acquired Thyssen’s turbine plant. Year by year, the company made new inventions in the development from the expansion circuits to new power plants. In the year 1997; the company acquired the fossil-fueled power plant of a US company Westinghouse and then in 2004 acquired Danish wind Power Company. In 2017, the company founded renewable energy named 2017 Siemens Gamesa and finally in 2018, the company completed the work on the three largest power plants in Egypt. (Times, 2021)

Assistant Manager in power plant operations

The job roles of an Assistant Manager is assisting the manager in daily operations of the department, planning the daily production capacity and managing the team efficiently to complete their tasks. My role at Siemens gas turbine is to train and guide the workers to complete their tasks, oversee machinery that generate electricity, Monitor instruments to ensure proper flow of electricity to consumers. Along with that employee’s performance to increase productivity, maintaining the safety and productivity, ensuring that the targets are fulfilled, allocating the tasks to workers and making sure that all the workers are performing their tasks. Along with that, there are some other procedures that I have to see, such as: maintaining the documents for plant-related work, setting policies for the workplace to ensure a good environment, implementing the cost reduction methods with quality assurance. Major quality standards in the operations that company follow is electricity flow from one plants to the substations. These substations distributes electricity to the businesses, factories and homes. The energy generation use the sources of coal, gas, hydroelectric, wind and solar power.

Experience of Quality Implementation

Quality control in Siemens Gas Turbines Company

The quality control in Siemens Gas turbines Company’s-quality management is ensuring the quality in the operations and ensuring that safety standards are as per six sigma management system requirements. Quality in my job context is the assessment of all the operations related to the power generation. It is to ensure the quality of product at the end of the process(Contributor, 2020). As an assistant manager, I’m liable to keep the check and balance of all the sub-departments of the production, because at every section;few safety measures are essential to meet. The plant will achieve the quality objectives when safety measurement and production requirements meet the standards. Both simultaneously should meet the standard requirements, as the failure of any one factor will not serve the purpose. Siemens Gas Turbines Company is focused on providing the quality production of power and providing work safety to the employees. The consumer’s demands and employees’ safety matter equally (IAEA, 1991).

Quality Measurement and Evaluation

The cost of quality is defined as the cost that is associated with the utilization of the resources that are being used to enhance the quality of the product and prevent internal or external failure(ASQ, 2020). This allows the company to bring advancement and quality to the organization. To measure the quality and safety in the power plant as assistant manager; through six sigma management system the number of incidents or defects and the client’s feedback are used because it is the best way to measure the quality of the product and also to ensure safety. The cost of quality is evaluated based on feedback we receive from our consumers and service staff. The incident rate during working hours. Both are considered essential in operations. Organizations invest in the management system (Six sigma) to increase the business capability and quality management process to reduce the chances of paying for the losses or poor quality in the end.(COQ, 2020). Further Exhibit 1

Quality Control Culture

Siemen’s employees care for the quality because they understand how much quality and safety is important for Siemens. So,they take measures to improve the quality of their work and culture. In plant not only me as an assistant manager operations but the whole management and employees are responsible for maintaining the quality standards. Each department and team member takes care of their work, their main focus is to do the work right in the first place and if this is not done, then the whole process which has given unsatisfying results is analyzed. The correct measures are taken in the process so that no such problem arises again. (Harvey & Green, 2006).

Siemens gas turbine maintains its quality culture by providing efficiency and reliability to its customers using six sigma management system in the operations. The company maintains high quality standards for safety purposes at power plants. The quality assurance program is designed to ensure that all the tasks are properly planned, performed and evaluated. It provides a proper system designed to fulfill the targets and to check whether the work is done properly or not. The staff that is involved in the day-to-day operations are properly trained because they are affecting the quality of items, so the workers should be qualified enough for general codes and standards. If any non-conformance’s occurs in the process; it is reported immediately and proper measures are taken to know the root cause of this occurrence.

Management Support

Management system is a method in which the company ensures that its tasks and objectives are fulfilled. The objectives include all the aspects in the company, such as: financial performance, health and safety measures, product quality and efficient operations. A management system’s aspects include 4 elements: “plan, do, check, and act”. The system focuses on supporting the management to achieve its organizational goals. (ISO, 2021). Siemens Gas Turbine’s management systems ensure that all the tasks are performed well and on time. The company focuses on all issues, such as: product quality, safety, health concerns. The management provides proper guidance to all the employees to make them work according to the vision and mission of the organization. Six sigma is used to provide the best solution for the problems and to manage the work and processes step wise…………………..

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