IMD-5-0687 © 2005
Jean-Philippe; Deschamps, Michèle, Barnett Berg

At an extremely publicized launching throughout Swiss Expo 2002; a modest start-up company introduced a brand new compact electric vehicle called the Mobi3. In the year 2005; a new generation of lithium-ion batteries had turned into accessible that would provide more autonomy and need half the recharging time. Significant developments in the operation of electric vehicles were anticipated in addition to new market opportunities. A member of the notion teams of the Smart and the Swatchmobile; was among the dads of the Mobi3. Inspired by the success of his early models; he was intending to bring an enhanced variant of the Mobi3 renamed Redigo; to market. The case analyzes the freedom vehicle that is various target users and markets of questions and electric vehicles where their next launching attempts should be focused by the entrepreneurs that are associated.

Redigo - Putting A New Electric Vehicle On The Road Case Solution

Subjects: Product development; Electric vehicles; Innovation; Product launch; Alternative mobility; Marketing; Customer feedback; Battery technology
Settings: Electric vehicles; Switzerland; 4 person consultancy; Small; January 2002 – June 2005

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