Red Lobster Case Solution

Red Lobster, a chain of restaurants 40 years of age, seafood, just completed a market study showing the ability to change their target customer segment. The chain is in the final stages of a rejuvenation plan under CEO Kim Lopdrup 10 years. When you took over as CEO in 2004, the chain was closing restaurants and suffering the lower comparable store sales and decreased customer satisfaction. But in 2010, even in a recession, the chain’s fortunes to improve. A market study commissioned recently showed, unexpectedly, that 25% of customers of Red Lobster are “experiential” people coming from a “good evening” instead of the traditional customer base came from Red Lobster due to a desire to cause seafood If these new Lopdrup do things differently?
David E. Bell,
Jason Riis
Source: HBS Premier Case Collection
26 pages.
Publication Date: September 8, 2010. Prod #: 511052-PDF-ENG
Red Lobster Case Solution

Red Lobster Case Solution
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