REC Solar Strategizing on a Solar Coastal Case Solution & Answer

REC Solar Strategizing on a Solar Coastal

VRIO Analysis

In the Vrio Analysis, we understand the value, rarity, imitability and organization of the REC Solar Corporation.


The REC Solar Corporation has a good value because the company manufactures the variety of products which increase the strength of the product portfolio. The designs and innovation in solar panels increase the value of the organization.


The rate of rarity of the products of REC Solar is low because the corporation exists in a very competitive market and a huge number of competitors offer the same type of solar panels in the market.


The imitability rate is also low because most of the competitors understand the business model of the REC Solar Corporation and copied it to their manufacturing process.


The organizational structure of the REC Solar Corporation is very good with good culture.

The CEO and the all team members of the management share a good relationship with each other. The organizational culture and the environment directly affect the efficiency of the company because if employees are satisfied with the environment, they perform better.

Graphically Representation of REC Warranty Claims


Here we are recommended the three alternatives from which the REC Solar Corporation adopts that alternative which is best for the company based on its implication and justification.

Alternative 01 (Revolutionary)

The first alternative for solving the above given problem in the problem statement is: The Chief Marketing Officer of the  REC Solar Corporation must design a new brand name which makes a strong image of a brand in the mind of customers. Through new brand image, the company can target the more customers from the multiple markets where they offer the solar panels.

  • The major advantage of rebranding is that the confusion regarding the brand in the minds of customers to be washed and they believe that the company is continuously increasing the efficiency through multiple sources.
  • This Business strategy to increases the relation of customers with the REC Solar Corporation.
  • With this business strategy, the customers increase because of word-of-mouth spreads frequently, which increases the interest of customers to purchase the product from REC Solar Corporation.

There are also some disadvantages which generate from this new business strategy.

  • Rebranding is just not to change a name it is a very huge decision and structured process which takes a lot of money to certified new brand name. It means the REC Solar Corporation invests a good portion of revenue into rebranding.
  • The REC Solar Corporation can be lose its recognition because from huge time it is well known with this brand name but suddenly change in brand name can effect negatively to the sales of the corporation.

Alternative 02 (Incremental)

The second alternative for solving the above given problem in the problem statement is: The corporation must increase the competencies of those managers and employees those who are not committed towards the organizational goals. REC Solar Corporation must train those employees to manage the current and future problems which the company faces.

  • The major advantage of this alternative is that the employees of the REC Solar Corporation can increase their productivity with the trainings and workshops, which is long term beneficial for the organization to attain its organizational goals.
  • The enhancement in the strengths of managers is profitable for the company.
  • The prime disadvantage for this alternative is that this is time-consuming, and the corporation needs the instant solution of the current crisis.

Other disadvantage from this alternative is huge money is used on trainings of employees.

Alternative 03 (Leave it)

The third alternative for solving the above given problem in the problem statement is: the REC Solar Corporation waits for the competitors’ action that in this fluctuated situation what the competitors are doing then copied their business strategy.

  • The third alternative has the advantage of money saving if the REC Solar Corporation follows the step of a competitor, then the company can save money instead of investing on the rebranding and employees training.
  • And the disadvantage of this alternative is that with the wait of competitors move the REC Solar Corporation may face the high level of crisis then the current crisis. The corporation may face the decline in the market value of the corporation.

Decision Criteria

Justification for Recommendation

The Alternative 01 is the best option for the REC Solar Corporation in this current situation. Most of the Competitors come under the bankruptcy which reduce the value of solar industry in the market. The corporation should adopt the revolutionary alternative to maintain the market value of the company and also to attract more customers from the market. Rebranding is the best business strategy which REC Solar Corporation must adopt to speed up the success of the company.


After analyzing the whole case study of REC Solar Corporation, we understand that what are the problems the company is currently facing are and what should we recommend to REC Solar Corporation to mitigate this crisis. In the industry of Solar panels, the corporation earns good revenue. In the market of Singapore, the competition rate is high. The Headquarters of the Corporation are also in the Singapore. The company needs the improvement in business strategy which solve the problems which currently REC Solar Corporation faces. The corporation has a good opportunity to increase the business as discussed in SWOT Analysis. These strategic tools are also performed that are Value chain, Vrio, Pestle and SWOT Analysis to better understand the functions and performance of the REC Solar Corporation. The three alternatives are also given as business strategy and also rate those alternatives on rating scales. The first alternative that is rebranding is good for the REC Solar Corporation to adopt in this current situation….

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