Rayovac Corporation Case Solution & Answer

 Rayovac Corporation Case Solution


The case study is based on the foundation of the Rayovac Corporation to be the part of supply of new items, such as: continuous batteries to be offered in the global market, especially in North America. In this concern, marketing analysis needs to be conducted to recognize and confirm all the opportunities and strengths of this work in the market.

The big question is whether Rayovac should carry on with this idea or not and if they do what planning should they choose to enter the market. It is very crucial if Rayovac continues to follow the continuous battery market, because if a project does not produce decreased cash flow to the business, then the firm would have to bear the loss.

If Rayovac continues with this new work’s concept, what would be the best planning for Rayovac to follow? Should they be a niche or a capacity participant in the market, or should they choose to use this idea at all?

Industrial Analysis

Rayovac Corp is known as the world’s biggest manufacturer and consumer of batteries. The business sells batteries for households. Furthermore, the Rayovac’s product line includes alkaline batteries in all quality and sizes, to be able to successfully function in the most competitive but profitable domestic market

Furthermore,to deal with Canada’s possible consumer’s knowledge of continuous batteries, there is a great demand in North America and overseas and the vice president is not confident regarding how the firm should use its marketing strategies.

The firm’s mission is to be the single choice of the battery consumers and the continuous battery market in the world. They aim to sellthe best quality batteries which  will supply and fulfill the needs of the market through a new way of energy consumption for domestic and manufacturing use.

Question 1.Identify a unit (for example: a department, a faculty/school, or an admin. office) of the UCL and explain how the blue ocean strategy can be used to improve its activities. You need to “eliminate, reduce, raise & create” (ERRC grid; each should have not more than 3 points) to make reinvention. Please also draw a strategy canvas with at least 6 strategic factors. (18 marks).

The conventionally made philosophical units are listed below

Department of Information Studies

The blue sea strategy is to follow the variation as well as to decrease the costs in order to open up a new retail space and to create a new request. It is about building and representing attempting market space, thus making the demand less important. It is based on the idea that the market limits and the industry construction are not given, but can be reconstructed through the measuresand the trusts of industry players.

Improve the planning and center of all the departments in the UCL through student separation.The administration often has a difficult time providing an important message that identifies with each different student.Dividing the people into groups helps inproducing thecompletestudent journeyby separating the messages. And through the blue ocean strategy; the UCL can target the right student with the right communication to boost thecurrent situation.


Government rules require universities to have strategiesfor outside speakers and events, staff training, and the use of IT. It also clarifies that the avoidancemethod should be successful and balanced.



·         Ordered Research programs in all the departments.

·         Increase the awareness of future research studies of information studies.


They should not invest in projects that do not lie in their domain


·         New advancements in their domain

·         Increase educational programs in the future

·         Increase the international programs in the future


tion 2. Summarize Rayovac’s acquisitions by completing the details in the case using the following table. An example of using ROV Ltd. is given. (10 marks)

Year Company Acquired Price Paid Location Key characteristics of the Acquired Company
1999 ROV Ltd. $155 m Latin America (except Brazil) Leading zinc-carbon batteries manufacturer.
2002 Varta AG $ 258m North America Varta was the leading European-basedproducer  of generalbatteries
2003 Remington Products Company $322 m North America the low-cost producer with capital expenditures
2004 Microlite acquisition Latin American Microlite S.A., the largest producer of consumer batteries in Brazil
2005 TetraHoldings


$2 b   ·         North American producer of consumer lawn and garden

·         pet fishand reptile products



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