Rates and Ratios Tell a Story Case Solution

For a variety of reasons, economic performance varies economies around the world in a given economy and a year given time. The level of economic development, political and economic institutions, government policies, political stability, and other social and cultural factors may contribute to these variations. These differences in economic performance and its underlying causes are often integrated into the economic statistics published and can be highlighted through the use of rates and ratios. This case starts an exercise for students to examine economic statistics (1) Rate Analysis and key ratios and (2) with data from the country profiles published in the CIA World Factbook. The countries included in this case is the United States, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Russia, India and China.
Wei Li
Source: Darden School of Business
9 pages.
Date Posted: February 27, 2006. Prod #: UV1325-PDF-ENG
Rates and ratios make history Case Solution

Rates and Ratios Tell a Story Case Solution
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