Radio Resource Management in Future TSN Case Solution & Answer

Radio Resource Management in Future TSN

1.5 Limitations

After analyzing the article, the few limitations are found for the RRM in the forthcoming Terrestrial satellite network.

  • In the current scenario, the corporation has the restrict conduction command of the terminals of the terrestrial (Mandal, 2021).
  • The RRM Corporation has the limit capacity of interfering produced to the satellite.
  • The Radio Resource Management has the narrow calculation proficiencies, which is the major challenge and limitation for the RRM.
  • The Radio Resource Management has the limited range of channel material (Luong, 2021).

These all are the limitations of the Radio Resource Management, which the corporation and higher management should eliminate because through this limitation the company cannot grow more. For growing the corporation constantly, the limitation should be overcome by the company. The limitation for the Radio Resource management is strong, so the company must cover all these limitations soon to increase the market value and brand equity of the RRM in urban and rural areas of the East Africa.

1.6 Future Scope

For the future of the Radio Resource Management few points are discussed which benefit the corporation in the future and increase the revenue by adding more strengths to the satellite and spectral system. In the future, the company should apply some spectrum sharing techniques as the “GEO” technique system in the FSS link. The company must use the Hybrid protection and control system in future for improving and increasing the investigation of satellites and spectrum (Höyhtyä, 2020). In the future, the beam form satellites tackle the multiple challenges because these satellites have the unique value propositions which protect the system of every problem. In the future, the Antenna system of Array also increases the worth of the Radio Resource management because through this system the corporation increases the capability of investigation and protection. These are the few future recommendations which increase the value and worth of the radio satellites in the markets of East Africa.

1.7 Values and Point of View

As per the value of view, the research is aimed at exploring significant aspects of the research study under consideration and finally come up with significant helpful strategies and techniques regarding the study. As a result, the research would be very beneficial for future considerations and field perspectives that would provide value to those who are concerned. While the radio resource management is essential for the development in the digital media, that may help to resolve the technical issues by upgrading the technology however it plays a vital role to control the consumption of the power mostly the energy can be safe during low traffic load period.

The concept of the RRM provides a channel of aid to understand the concepts regarding the development of the techniques which may overcome the issues that may create the technical problem in the management of the Radio Resources. The main purpose is to study the bunch concept which uses various assimilated RRM strategies for the utilization in high spectrum range (Brook, 2020). The primary goal of the research on the RRM is the comparison of various concepts and techniques or methods that play a vital role in the Radio Resources Management and design the workable wireless communication networks for an indoor environment. The aim of RRM is to improve the output of the network and utilization of the whole resources and provide the satisfactory services.

1.8 Rationale Perspective

The main purpose of the RRM (Radio Resources and Management) is the identification and implementation of the techniques or methods in an indoor environment. While the main aim of this research is to acknowledge various concepts that overcome the RRM issues properly and provide a high performance as compared to the other concepts, although the local centralized RRM concept provides over 85% capacity and over 70% output than the other systems. It is important to deal with the problems like interference in Radio Resources Managements for the betterment of the result, so for that purpose the beamforming technique is used to improve the system performance (Mohammedi, 2019). The sector antennas or the beamforming play a key role in the reduction of transmitters’ power and the ranges. There is various assessment has been developed to reveal the performance of the orthogonal channels that keep users separate and help in the reduction intervention among the co-channels these assessments are being made between the use of TDMA and CDMA.

1.9 Further Studies

The aims and objectives show that there is a huge importance of the RRM which plays a vital role in the communication’s development and signaling network. There can be various advance strategies may be developed in RRM for its centralization and optimizations while the recent rapid growth in the wireless connected devices require more efficiency and on the nonstop way so for that purpose it is important to upgrade the RRM and wireless services networking system.

Radio Resources Management has a wide networking and operating system and it has multiple future applications, i.e., Terrestrial Satellite communication and networking system, which are also known as (TSN). Studies show that most of the people in the world are undercover and they cannot operate the services of RRM because of lack of facilities, but this problem may be solved through the Terrestrial Satellite Communication and networking system which build the customers or users because TSN improve the cellular networking system.

Mostly the user who use wireless network currently are of 5G but the consumers demand the further up gradation in the wireless system. Studies shows in Radio Resource management it is not possible to share resources to the multiple-operators while it can only be share with a single operator so it is needed to be fixed and enable to share resources with multiple operators which help operators to take advantages legally. This up-gradation aid the RRM companies in creating to keep building customers’ market value.

Research studies show that there are certain systems which application is needed to bring advancement in the RRM, the systems that are important and have a future scope include TSN, SCS, KA Band, IMT and C-TSN which improve the networking and communication system so the services should be delivered to every consumer…..

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