Quantitative method’s for Management Case Solution & Answer

Quantitative method’s for Management Case Study Solution


The reports sets out to investigate and evaluate the business problem at FUD GmbH, which has been engaged in delivering the grocery items to the doorstep of customers safely and flexibly, with the guarantee of high quality. Currently, the company is concerned about expanding its offerings to yield greater financial outcomes in the long run, and to compete with the business rivals. By doing so, the company is met with the critical need to use the data to make the business decisions. With the use of the various variables; the impact over the business’s success could be evaluated and assessed.

Hence, the feasibility of the report follows an effective usage of the data and draws results and makes some useful and effective recommendations to the company on how and whether to expand the product offerings in the market and make investment in making the products’ delivery a seamless process.

Metrics & KPI

Corporate goals to become Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) provider

  1.  Improving the quality of the service
  2. Improve the customer satisfaction
  3. Market the delver service with social media
  4. Collaborate with influences and bloggers
  5. Add maximum number of restaurants to its outreach list.
  6. Promote business with creative advertisement



There are various key performance indicators,which are as follows:

  1. Positive feedback and reviews of the customers.
  2. Profit returns.
  3. Customer satisfaction.
  4. Number of orders
  5. Churn rate
  6. Net promoter score

What does adoption (according to your definition of adoption) looks like right now in different cities?


The adoption refers to the acceptability of the product among customers in different countries. The worldwide adoption of MaaS is linked to the environmental concerns with emission of carbon, congestion on roads and an increased potential risk of poor public transport(Kanaška, 2020). The rise of the MaaS is followed by an increasing demand of the bikes as a better option for the shorter trips as well as the way to lower the carbon emission and the government initiatives to prevent spikes in pollution. Additionally, the MaaS tends to offer the environmentally friendly and seemingly fun option for the short journeys.

In addition to this, the MaaS  has been promoted as a green alternative in various countries, due to which the company puts major emphasis over sustainability concerns, with some introducing the renewable energy use in operations and electric operation vehicle and extended lifespan of scooter that is repairable and has a better design.

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

What insights can you gather from the ride_length.csv dataset?

With the usage of the data named basket_size dataset; the exploratory data analysis is performed on the data. The insights from the ride_length.csv dataset shows that the maximum and minimum length graph, which areas follows:

Mean 34.4379085
Standard Error 0.461600104
Median 39
Mode 41
Standard Deviation 9.889452322
Sample Variance 97.80126723
Kurtosis -0.816019742
Skewness -1.007000075
Range 31
Minimum 15
Maximum 46
Sum 15807
Count 459


The descriptive statistics shows that the maximum length of the rides is 46; whereas, the minimum length of the rides is 15. Additionally, the sum of the ride length minutes by time is as follows:

The graph shows the length of rides by time,including: morning, midday or evening, which shows that the length of rides by morning is 151 minutes, the length of rides by midday is 161 minutes as well as the length of rides by evening is 148 minutes.

Time Sum of ride_length_minutes
Morning 151
Midday 161
Evening 148


From the table, it can be seen that the sum of the ride length in minutes was lowest in morning with 151 minutes, and the sum of the ride length in minutes was highest in midday with 161 minutes. This in turn shows that despite using personally owned transportation, people use mobility provided as a service more in the midday as compared to any other time of the day.

Average ride length minutes = 19.16

Code used in excel: (=AVERAGE (ride_length[#All])

Understanding from the Data Analyzed

The use of the descriptive statistics and analysis of length of rides by time helps in drawing various conclusions, which are as follows:

  1. The average minutes of ride is 19.16.
  2. The MaaS solutions mostly used by users in midday as compared to morning and evening.
  3. The length of rides in morning is 151 minutes, the length of rides in midday is 161 minutes and the length of rides in evening, is 148 minutes.
  4. The ride length in minutes was lowest in morning, with 151 minutes and the sum of the ride length in minutes was highest in midday, with 161 minutes.
  5. The average number of rides is 34.43………

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