Question 2

Which of the approved options would you propose to Agostina and Smith? Why? Work out detailed operational implications of your preferred option?

There are two approved options, which are available to Agostina and Smith, and these are described briefly below:

Option 1: Scale the Existing Sales Model

Under this option, Qualtrics would continue with its current inside sales model as the entrepreneurial culture was critical to the success of the company. There was internal support for this model because under this model a large team of inside sales reps would be fortified and expanded and additional experienced reps can be recruited to fuel the phone based sales model of Qualtrics.

Option 2: Introduce a large scale sales team

Under this option, an experienced, field sales team would be introduced as this model has proven to be effective for large transactions and for customers with complex needs. In addition, under this model he field sales team would be distributed around the world and business would be conducted through in-person and virtual meetings. All the sales team members under this model would have large deal experience. A higher salary would also be paid to all the existing reps to motivate them.

Recommended Option & Operational Implications

After analyzing both the models, it would be more appropriate to go ahead with option 2 model as Agostina had extensive experience with managing large field sales teams and this would help to reduce the risk of the path. This model would be more effective if we look at its operational implications. For instance, under this model the company would be able to serve large deal clients around the international markets of the world such as Ireland, Dublin and other parts of Europe. In addition, with the expanded product suite and increasing credibility in the marketplace, therefore, the addressable marketplace had to be extended and the new model reps would have the experience to achieve this. Lastly, the new model would help the reps to sell one off products as well as comprehensive platform solutions to large clients, which make a large field sales team model more appropriate.


Question 3

Partnering up or using channel partners to build worldwide sales. Evaluate advantages and disadvantages of this.

The advantages and disadvantages of using channel partners vs. partnering are discussed below:


Through partnering potential mistakes and risks would be mitigated by greater understanding of operational context. The technical expertise would be enhanced for Qualtrics, products that are more appropriate would be created, and strong networks could be developed. Delivery systems and costs would be reduced through sharing and the professional skills of the workforce would be enhanced. Lastly, Qualtrics would be able to efficiently implement the large field sales team model. The disadvantages are loss of autonomy, conflicts of interests between Qualtrics and the partner, commitment of time and energy of staff and sometimes-wrong partnerships can cause damage to the reputation of Qualtrics……………………

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