Project Script Case Solution & Answer

Project Script Case Solution  

CO:    HiBiyu! Good morning, thank you for coming in today. How are you?

[Comments: Open ended question]

CL:     Good Morning, I think I might need help! Some professional help!

CO:    Alright. Before we begin, I know it can be very nerve wrecking to meet a therapist. I will be asking you some questions today, so I can really understand what you have been going through,I willmake an assessment of your diagnosis.I am glad that you took this brave step to come here and seek professional help. Tell me anything you want to say. I am here to listen and to help. We will set some goals for our sessions. Is thatok with you?

[Comment: Engaging with client to establish the therapeutic relationship work together]

CL:     Yes.

CO: Great! Let’s start.

CL:     Ok!

CO:    Biyu, I would like to know about you and your situation.  What brought you in today?

CL:     I am un-employed and I have a permanent physical disability at the age of just “37”. People stare at me and think I am a f-fr-freak!

CO:    I am so sorry to hear what you’ve been dealing with, it is really hard. I am here to help. I am sure your friends are also there for you, you are not alone.

CL:     (big pause) No. I don’t have any friends, and I don’t think I can make any.

CO:    Seems like you are worried about making new friends? Why do you think this way?

 [Comment: Open ended question, to investigate further]

CL:     Yes! I have no f-fr-friends.  I feel afraid and jittery even at just the thought of meeting new people. I am ashamed of my speech and I think I might say somet-th-thing to make myself look awkward. Strangers probably think I am weird when they look at me.I am afraid (sigh).

CO:    Please clarify, afraid of what?

[Comments: To get clarification of what client is afraid of]

CL:   I am afraid I will never have a li-li-life of my own. I doubt I will never have a romantic relationship that might work out.

CO:    So, based on your story, it seems that you are afraid to start any relationship because of your disability. Am I right?

[Comment: This question was asked to get clients validation]

CL: Yes, I feel upset!

CO:   Why is that? I am just wondering if you have experienced someone quitting onyou, whom you might have deeply loved.

[Comment: Seeking to establish if there was a history of this, to investigate further]

CL:     As far as I re-m-m-member, no, that’s not the case.

CO:    Have you ever experienced being left out by your parents or family?

[Comment: Close ended question, to obtain the history of relationship with family]

CL:     No. My parents and family are always by my side.

CO:  Hmmm, that means you have a very close relationship with your family. Am I right?

CL:     Yes. My siblings and I are very close. They are the reason I am able to survive through this tough phase of my life. They give me strength.

CO:    That means, you feel comfortable with your family and siblings?

[Comment: This question was asked to get clients validation]

CL:      Yes

CO:     Why is that………………..

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