Project: Molson Beer Case Solution & Answer

Project: Molson Beer Case Solution

Section 5: Management Plan

This plan will discuss the organizational structure, the company’s laws and the roles and responsibilities of each manager and staff.

5.1 Organizational Form

The form of our business will be partnership. It will be legal under the law of Balkans and all operations among the partners will be undertaken in accordance to the law. In addition, it will be ensured that none of the partners will follow the practices that lie outside the line of law and the responsibilities defined by the company’s law. However, any amendment will be undertaken after the consent of partners and investors. Partners will be liable for the head operations in the business like the Finance and Accounts Manager will supervise every finance and accounts related issue, and Marketing and Sales Manager will be responsible for all marketing activities and sale of the services. If any of the partners wishes to leave the partnership; his/her liabilities will be cleared first and then he will be allowed to leave the partnership with best compliments.

Further, in order to leave the partnership; he/she shall be legally responsible to inform other management 2 weeks prior to his/her leaving. Moreover, under the law; the new partner will be added after taking the consent of every partner and the share will be given on the basis of money and the decision of the partners.However, he will not be responsible for the previous losses and profits. Regardless of this, he will be answerable for future loss and profits, and if he is given any responsibility; he will be accountable for these, alike other partners. Under this partnership, we are 5 partners in the business and investment is done on the basis of equal proportion. Thus, everyone will be given the equal profit share and would be liable of sharing equal loss, i.e., loss in business, loss of any property etc. If any partner is responsible for the loss; he/she will be solely responsible for it. Therefore, none of the partners will work for their self-interest. Thus, it is the whole organizational form and rules of the organization.

5.2. Organizational Structure

5.2.1 Management Team and Roles and Responsibilities:


The head will overlook the entire activities of the firm at a strategic level. Along with the investors and managers; he will formulate the strategies and direct these to the lower managers for execution. Furthermore, he will be responsible for the evaluation of these activities. In addition to this, he will make the expansion plans and will discuss it with other investors.

Skills required for the Head:

  1. Broad Business Overview.
  2. Strong understanding of the marketing dynamics.

iii. Long-term vision.

  1. Excellent Leadership, interpersonal and communications skills.
  2. Strong decision-making and analytical skills.

Marketing and Sales Manager:

Marketing and Sales Manager is responsible to overlook the marketing of the business and sales of the service. He will also make the marketing plan for each year, each quarter and each month. He will be responsible to make effective marketing strategies for the promotion of the business. In addition, he will develop new services for the customers that must be market competitive. In the future when business will grow, this will be separated into 2 positions, i.e., Marketing Manager and Sales Manager. Both will work in coordination.

Skills required for the Marketing and Sales Manager:

  1. Understanding the market and area and requirement of that area.
  2. Understanding the dynamics of the market at the local, national and global trend.

iii. Understanding of the customer preferences.

  1. Creativity and Good with the numbers.

Operations Manager:

Operation manager will be responsible to overlook the operations performed at the manufacturing department and office settings. He will be responsible for managing the employees at the manufacturing department and arranging the sub-divisions. Further, he will supervise the sub-division manager in the firm activities. In addition, he will also assist the Marketing Manager in developing new services for the customers.

Skills required for the Operations Manager:

  1. Strong management and contingency planning skills.
  2. Strong view of managing the operations.

iii. Strong conflict management skills.

  1. Effective decision-making skills.

Finance and Accounts Manager:

Finance and Accounts Manager is responsible for the Accounts and Finance related activities at the firm. She will also do the audit of the firm. She will develop the other sources of income for the firm to diversify the portfolio and will manage these. Furthermore, she would be responsible for providing the finance to other departments for their activities, i.e. funds for the marketing department for the development of new marketing campaigns. In addition, regardless of the growth of the business, this department will not be split into 2 separate departments. However, the lower staff will be added.

Skills Required for the Finance and Accounts Manager:

  1. Sound knowledge of finance and accounts.
  2. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

iii. Strong audit skills.

  1. Strong market information.

5.3 Further requirements

As it is a startup we won’t need any external professional for the management system. In order to manage the human resources in our firm the company. Internal management reduce the hiring process and also shorten the time of onboarding. Internal management strengthen the relation and employee engagement(Smith, 2020).

For recruitment we will hire the employees through different recruitment sources i.e. social media postings and recruitment websites. We will prefer to hire fresh graduates in order to manage the salary range.

The divisional teams will be located as per their roles and department. Like the quality manager will be available in the production unit. Initially we will follow the centralized business culture because of small number of employees in the organization. Centralized business culture will help to give employees a clear vision of what they want.

Initially we are not dealing with virtual teams except our suppliers, miscommunication could be the potential issue of managing the virtual teams and timely responding to the clients is also one issue.

5.4 Resources

Initially we will be using ERP software for data management and employee management. This software will allow us to manage both at the same ti me. For implementation employees will be trained on how to operate and how to maintain the data security. As data management ad data security is challenging. Cyber security is very important for the company as well as customers because we have promised our customers to maintain their privacy(Christiansen, 2021)……………..

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