Project Management-Construction of the new house Case Solution & Answer

Project Management-Construction of the new house Case Solution

Environmental Threats

There is always a threat of natural disaster in every economy of the world. Thus,to mitigate such type of risk, the foundation pillars of the house should be strongly developed and thus fight against the earthquake or any other natural disaster.

Site Location

To protect the site location, the area should be selected by the external as well as internal ffacilitation This means that the security should be implemented while implementing the project, on the other side; the location should be allocated in the place where the value of the house would increase in future. Thus sudden factors would contribute to properly select the location under the construction.

Communication breakdown between project team

In order to properly initiate the project, experienced professionals should be hired under strong interpersonal skills and to implement their expertise in the project under the expected duration to complete. So in order to mitigate the risk of miscommunication, collaboration with the team should be executed by giving the group based task in order to build strong relationship and to implement the task in a proper way under the selected duration.

Work break down structure and project budget

It is expected that the project of constructing the new house would require the duration of 90 days to complete. In order to properly follow the project, a series of work break down structure would be followed to execute the project within a desire period of time.

It also shows that the assumption of the cost incurred in each activity of the project has been included according to the constraint under duration. So the annual cost shows that the entire budget would require 207,000 to execute the project within a given time period. However,delay in the project activities would increase the additional cost of project. Thus it concludes that the project would be successfully accomplished if the estimated time period as well as budgeted cost would be followed under the estimated process of control.

Project schedule

It is concluded that each activity would consist of time required to implement it and therefore, show that these implemented results would combine together to form a single project. The schedule identifies that every activity would require the particular time to accomplish with the available resources that contribute to execute these particular activities of the project. Therefore, it is assumed that certain project would be achieved according to the expected results under the case……………….

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