Procter & Gamble in China Case Solution

The case is in 2011. P & G announced its desire to serve an additional one billion customers worldwide in the next five years. To do this, will expand its operations in China. P & G is widely regarded as a success in China, and is the leader in several categories of products in a fast growing market of China, but the Chinese are buying only a fraction of the value of the products P & G and the U.S. or elsewhere. The case provides a detailed analysis of how P & G has built its business system in China, the challenges faced in expanding its position in China, and its strategy to focus more on emerging markets worldwide. The case can be used as a full case of CS.
Michael J. Enright
Source: University of Hong Kong
23 pages.
Date Posted: December 31, 2012. Prod #: HKU992-PDF-ENG
Procter & Gamble, in solving cases of China

Procter & Gamble in China Case Solution
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