Process Control at Polaroid (A) Case Solution & Answer

Process Control at Polaroid (A) Case Solution

However, it was analyzed that the average double mean will be 2.804, which would consider being a stable line of control and could differentiate with the upper and the lower limit of the values.  The total range of the case would be 0.0671 and shows the average range of the overall sample size. Thus, it was determined that the more fluctuated results incurred in the R-chart because of the significant difference between each sample size whereas a modest level of fluctuating results occurred through the X-bar chart and concluded the minimum difference of means among each other.

If look at the values of Finger Height then it can be considered as the more accurate against the Pod weights because it shows, the less level of fluctuations in both the X-Bar as well as R charts. It indicates the less risk of detection incurred in the coming period as compared to the previous sample size of Pod Weight.

SPC of Pod Weight and Finger Height

It has been analyzed in the results that some negative impact was made through the technique of X-Bar and R chart for both the samples. However certain issues were examined in order to overcome in the future.

The results under Pod Weight illustrates the fluctuating level of samples throughout the number of days, it shows that the mean value was entirely managed and to handle in a proper way whereas there were some negative results occurred in the portion of range because the sample values were outside the range of upper and lower limit and not manageable to control accurately.

The results under Finger Height were opposed to the first sample because it was quite successful in the level of range and occurred within the area of lower limit control but the results under the mean of samples were horrible because most of the mean values were outsider the range of upper and the lower limit. Therefore, the overall results show that both sample values shows the negative results and would not manage if the entire production phase would not go to generate the efficiency and effectiveness of the process and to handle the non-productions costs.

Analyzed the detection within a process

According to the current results, it has been analyzed that there are some improvements needed to implement because certain detection would hurt the entire operation in the coming periods. So after analyzing the overall results, it is concluded that the new operations might not successful and needed to change because the material level would not produce in the base-line approach, also, the people within the organization could not attract the new way of centralized structure and that’s why would no focus on the target imposed by the green light plan. It is therefore determined that the main cause of these problems is the less accuracy of the operations to implement in order to reduce the cost.

So in order to overcome the problem, all the material should be made with the selected level of machine hours per day and to fix the level of inspection ratio implement by the operator and the Auditor, it means that the operator should only inspect the sample of 3-4 products per day while the Auditor should select a sample of large number of products in order to reduce the inspection rate per sample value. This will allow reducing the cost of inspection per audit. Also, it will allow the operator to inspect per sample produced within an hour. This double inspection rate would increase the level of cost as well as improve the efficiency of production to generate positive results………………

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