Pro-Coat at HAL Case Study Analysis


The Pro-Coat fabricating office is responsible and answerable for assembling the printed circuit boards, which are generally utilized for making the collection of PC items. It is disastrous to express that the Pro-Coat has been missing the mark concerning its ideal goal of 3000 boards for every day and the Pro-Coat has been averaging around 1200 boards for each day from past hardly any years. The ideal goal of the plant is to make 3000 boards for each day Mr. Petitto is worried about discovering somebody who could assess and think of an ideal answer for the declined exhibition of the arrangement after a powerful appraisal of the current plant’s presentation just as a distinguishing proof of the most encouraging specific zones for general direction and influence on the methods of reshaping the general framework.

The flow chart at the Pro-Coat Hal Corporation of the manufacturing process appears to be the roundprocedure that keep on running. The principal phase of the assembling procedure of the printed circuit boards is optical test web and closure phase of the assembling procedure is the outer circled.

Identifying the bottlenecks process in the process.


The manual activities of the assembling procedure, incorporates: examinationandMI. The uncover work station is the bottleneck because of the way that the limit of Expose work station for creating the printed circuit boards (PCB) is 2834 every day, which is lower than what the organization hopes to deliver, for example “3000 printed circuit boards (PCB) every day”. But uncover workstation, every other workstation have ability to deliver more than 3000 printed circuit boards (PCB) every day, which implies that the main stage which limits the organization from achieving the ideal objective of 3000 boards for each day, is uncover workstation. (See Exhibit 1)………………………………


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