Pret Manger Case Solution

Pret A Manger, a chain of sandwich shops based in London, has been known for its real fast and prepackaged sandwiches prepared on site every day. Instructed by its board of directors to increase 15 percent per year, Pret considered opening stores “twin” in places too small to contain kitchens, these stores receive deliveries of snacks throughout the day in a shop “father” in nearby. Employees and customers would accept twins or stores Pret Pret considered contrary to the culture? With this decision, the case frames a discussion on how companies build models to provide reliable service excellence customer service. The case also allows students to understand the role of personnel management systems in creating consistent service experiences and presents a set of management practices, innovative staff.
Frances X. Frei,
Rick Goldberg,
Stephanie van Sice
Source: Harvard Business School
20 pages.
Date Posted: April 24, 2012. Prod #: 612033-PDF-ENG
Pret A Manger Case Solution

Pret Manger Case Solution
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