Power is the great motivator Case Solution & Answer

Power is the great motivator Case Solution

In simple words, we can say that better a manager is the one who focuses more on the morale than sale, a high moral in the organization will deliver better results. Institutional mangers are the most successful in creating an affective work climate.Along with that, this kind of managers create high level of morale because they produce the greatest sense of organization charity and team spirit. This type of mangers encourage their employees to be loyal to the institution rather than to a particular person, so that if one problem arises,then the manger can be more readily replaced by another manager.

Personal Management style

Nowadays, organizations are growing flatter and responsibility is being pushed further down. But according to this case,if the manager want grow their company faster, then the manager has to use some motivational factors and other workshop techniques.This influence the performance of the organization.

 I am the affiliative manager,this means that I have a higher need of affiliation the need for power, and high inhibition. Most of my concentration would on the employees and to create social relationships with the employees in order to understand the problems they face and solve those problem effectively, so that employees can work effectively and efficiently. This would increase the performance of the company. High affiliation works well in areas of social interactions but it will decrease the morale. For the short term, this motivation style is good but for the long run the manger will suffer because of low morals. A successful manager is one, who has high morals.

Changing the managerial style

According to my management style, which clearly shows that the employees would not be forced to do a particular work but rather to help them to figure out the way to do their job better for the company. Through this management style, the company profitability can increase in the short run, but it will affect the morale of the employees in the long run. The management can change their management style, so that they can improve their employee’s morale.There are some ways through which employee’s morale can increase and employees can be sufficiently satisfied while enhancing the company profitability.

Train employees to develop positive attitudes

The management has to provide training sessions to their employees so that they encourage their employees to improve their skills. When employees do not find their work interesting, then providing employees training will enhance their skill and they will find their work more interesting. When the employees find their work interesting, they will satisfied enough and work well in order to increase the profitability of the company

Don’t forget to have fun

The manger should evaluate the performance of the employees on the daily basis and reward them on their performance. Since whenever the manager with reward the employees on their performance, then it will increase the competition.Healthy competition can boost morale, employees will work hard and that will lead the performance of the company.   Along with that, the manager has to provide fun rewards when staffers achieve certain goals, such as hockey game and football game

Keep employees feeling their work is more than just a job

The manager should use more innovative techniques and make the workplace more interesting for the employees in order to motivate them effectively. When the employees work hard to use more innovative techniques and get motivated,the employees get involved in their work and make effective changes, this leads the employees’ performance……………

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