Political Marketing Case Solution & Answer

Political Marketing Case Solution

Ted Cruz has sited himself as the anti-establishment candidate, unlike others, Cruz is continuing with the personality that he built since his first entry into the senate as anagitatorkeen to defy the advice and leadership of Republicans(US election 2016: Meet the candidates, 2016).On the other hand, John Kasich is a two term governor ofOhio currently. He is focused on the Christian faith for policy making. Finally, Donald Trump is an outspoken billionaire business tycoon and has been in the controversies for long which somehow has affected his reputation and image in the public. (US election 2016: Meet the candidates, 2016)

 These stereotypes are divided into two classes; belief and trait-biased.  In Belief stereotypes, women are usually seen as  more liberal than they actually are and it is also considered that are able to handle issues regarding women rights whereas, less able to handle male duties such as military and foreign policy.  Moreover, the most important factor for the political success of Hillary Clinton is that she remained true to herself and her long term public service which has reverberated with the population of voters that signify the diversity of US. (Charles Lenchner, 2015)

 Therefore, the overall scenario is showing the success of the Hillary Clinton. But due to the intense political and competitive pressure, effective marketing strategy is required to address the people about the future proposed plan for their better welfare and development.

1.     Issues with 2016 US campaign:

  • Individual rights are the main issue in the 2016 campaign to which the candidates should address to resolve the issue.(DAVID A. GRAHAM , 2016)
  • Climate change is another major issue which should be the big priority of US presidential elections candidates. Man-made climatic change should be opposed and strict rules should be proposed by the candidates.(DAVID A. GRAHAM , 2016)
  • In addition, defense and international issues are also the major concerned which should be also be addressed by the candidates.(BEN CASSELMAN, 2016)

2.     Hillary Clinton Current Situation:

It is considered that Hillary Clinton’s current strategy and tactics area strong liberal campaign, which would assemble the same voters who flounced Barack Obama to victory in 2008 and 2012 elections. Her strategy of implementing Obama’s policies proved highly efficient with African American Democratic voters in the South Carolina Democratic importantly. (WILSON ANDREWS and THOMAS KAPLAN, 2015)

Clinton had a tough competition with RepublicanTrump and Democratic Sanders. According to the sources, Trump has extended his lead over the diminished field to capture the support of Republican voter, while Clinton tops Sanders by 20 points.(Megan Gardner, 2016)

Trump’s supporters are extremely enthusiastic about the coming election and mostly committed in their support of him. Trump is generally viewed as the candidate in the field who would be most efficient at solving the country’s problems(Jennifer Agiesta, 2016). Voters also believed Trump is honest and trustworthy candidate as survey showed that the 35% of the people named Trump upon asking the most trustworthy candidate.(Jean Fleming, 2008)

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton tops Bernie Sanders to 55% to 38%.  However, there are sharper demographic crack among the Democratic electorate than on the Republican side…………….

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