Plato’s -The Republic and Shakespeare Western civilization and the real world of modern business Case Solution & Answer

Plato’s – The Republic and Shakespeare:Western civilization and the real world of modern business Case Study Solution


Edward III

(Grandfather of Richard II)

Richard II
Henry IV

(Cousin of Richard – Henry Bolingbroke)

Henry V

(Son of Henry V – Prince Hal)

Aforementioned taxonomy of leadership is based on the readings of Plato’s The Republic and Shakespeare play. Richard II was the grandson of Edward III, who had become the king after him. The leadership of Richard was noteffective and was only concerned to gain more wealth. Based on his (Richard II) ambition; Richard was killed by his armed forces, and Henry took over the rule as the new king. During the struggle of Henry for becoming the new ruler; he was threatened by a priest about the civil war in future, and he ignored it.

After the empire was handed over to Henry; he married and had two sons: Prince Harry who was generally known as Prince Hal and Prince John. Prince Hal (Henry V) became the king after the death of his father Henry IV. Henry V held the power to rule through the help of his friend who assisted him in defeating Hotspur and other rebels at the battle of Shrewsbury.

Leadership in real business world:

Based on the perspective of Plato; the role of leadership is far more than a knowledge of a poet. Plato represented more focus on education and stated his perception regarding leadership as the notion that only philosopher kings with great knowledge ought to rule. Leaders are required to be committed to truth-seeking as well as wisdom, because leaders are those individuals who tend to work hard and prove it by their actions against different strategic situations. According to Plato; a true leader must have the abilities, such as: ambition and strong character and value them more than prosperity and material comfort. (Plato, 2016)

Similarly, justice is required to be valued in communication and interaction with the people around, in terms of an effective business management at the organization in rapidly changing business world. Effective leaders tend to represent moderate temperament in their leadership approach and be restraint in their strategic approach. It is important to have an ability to be considerate; the power of decision making, courageous about the vision and resilient in terms of uncertainty. (Lüdert, 2017)

Therefore, the good traits of a leader followed by the perspective of Plato’s art of ruling stated four cardinal values. The term good trait generally refers to the ultimate goal of attaining knowledge, i.e.

  1. Justice.
  2. Prudence.
  3. Temperance.



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