PITCHING RESEARCH Case Solution & Answer


2.2Three Dimensions – Idea, Data and Tools

The three most important elements of empirical research are IDEA, DATA and TOOLs. The mixture of all these elements is known as IDioTs. However, these elements play an important role in the empirical research process and it is also used for ex positional convenience. The template item from (E to G) is explained below:

  • (Item E) The idea: it represents the “CORE IDEA” of the research. The idea creates the differentiation in your research. It should be innovative and creative that inspires the reader.On the other hand, a significant feature of a high-quality research idea might be arrived from the theory, the inspiring idea might not essentially be solely theoretical.
  • (Item F) The Data: the pitch states that data are standard and recognized as high quality. The data collection process is the most important part of research paper as it is the reflection of the opinion and preferences of customers Moreover, the data should be collect from the targeted audience as data are standard and recognized the high quality.
  • (Item G) The most important part of educational rigor is having methodical and properly designed statistical analysis that provides dependability/reliability to any/all inference drawn. The researcher needs to ask the very basic question that is what statistical tool used in this research paper (for example, regression, correlation or any other test tool). Furthermore, the researches should ask questions related to the software availability as it evaluates the technical expertise of the researchers.

However, if you want to reduce the chance of rejection then it is necessary to make the plan accurately that increase the chance of acceptance. Therefore, the researcher needs to follow on two most important questions, which are“what’s new?” and “so what?”.

Item (H to I) What’s new: the research should be meaningful that provides complete knowledge of the research. It tells the reader why it is necessary to get to know the results of the research paper. The research should be innovative and creative that inspires the reader. The readers always search for something that it does not know in advance or not present in the informed reading. Therefore, the argument is that the research proposal provides a sensible chance of determining a key problems and also play an important role in renovating loyalty in business theories.


 This is an important part of entire research paper as most of the hard work has been done regarding the spelling out the nature of the contribution. The contribution has direct linked with the DATA, IDEA and TOOL. (Item J)The contribution is not just used for summarizing the question but it includes all the source/ nature of the contribution. The main source of the contribution is the idea which helps it to resolve the big problems……………..

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