Pinewood Mobile Homes, Inc. Case Solution


PUBLICATION DATE: March 04, 2015 PRODUCT #: 915547-PDF-ENG
Pinewood Mobile Homes, Inc. case solution

This case presents a realistic scenario in a company in financial distress, tries an out-of-court financial restructuring with a debt swap.

Pinewood Mobiles Homes, Inc. engages in construction of one-story, two-story, single section, and Cape Cod modular homes and apartments and duplexes. The organization has lost the capacity to compete efficiently in the market place because it borrowed immensely before the home market crash. Pinewood Mobile Homes must receive approval form senior lenders, junior creditors, and investors for all-inclusive restructuring strategy, to be able to prevent filling for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This case is composed to be used in elective MBA courses in advanced corporate finance or corporate restructuring. In addition, it can be utilized in upper level undergraduate finance classes that cover corporate valuation as well as fiscal restructuring.

Pinewood Mobile Homes, Inc. Case Solution
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