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The paper attempts to identify the problems that have been highlighted in the case along with providing a detailed analysis. The analysis is provided through the application of SWOT analysis and also describing the entire change management steps taken by PHS. Furthermore, the paper provides the benefits for EMR, while lastly a brief conclusion for the entire paper is provided at the end.

Problem Statement

Due to the increase in the death rates in the United States despite of the increase in the healthcare expenditures in the country, many have argued that the US healthcare industry needs a system which can allow physicians to treat its patients with minimal errors. Therefore, with the implementation of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) the healthcare institute can easily reduce the service delivery time along with reducing the mistakes which are performed during the treatment of a patient. Furthermore, the case describes about the transformation of Partner’s Healthcare System (PHS) to implement EMR.


SWOT Analysis


PHS provides various facilities in their healthcare system which includes 6,300 primary care and specialty physicians working for the company, a total of 11 hospitals, academic health centers, community health centers, and much more. The company has a strong planning and research department and continuously invests on developing IT infrastructure so that efficiency in the organization shall be maintained. The company recruits talented professionals in each of the key positions of their healthcare system.

Moreover, retaining employees and medical staff has been the key role of the organization. In a single year in 2008, there had been 2.9 million patients’ visits along with 149,000 admissions in its hospital. The total employees in the organization includes 40,000 which could also be referred to as Full-time Equivalent (FTE). For the year 2008, the revenues generated by the organization includes $7 billion.

The organization invests $1 billion in medical research. Since the inception of the organization, it is continuously on the verge of increasing the quality of its services and also decreasing the overall cost of medical treatment. The investment in the IT has allowed the company to maintain a strong medical record of its patients which has further allowed the company to maintain good decision making and reducing errors of prescription. While operating its information system, the company hires the best professionals to carry out its tasks…………………


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