Phoenix Satellite Television: The Art of Broadcasting in China Case Solution

Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings (“Phoenix TV”) was established in 2006 as a joint venture (“News Corp”) Unit News Corporation and STAR TV Liu Changle, a businessman of Shanghai and former military journalist, the main stakeholders . Introducing family of channels that the window of Chinese viewers in the world, Phoenix TV has been able to capitalize on the ambiguities of the regulatory environment in China and (with the tacit consent of the authorities) is the only TV channel to guide foreign news programming to viewers Chinese mainland. In China, where there are significant restrictions on audience measurement and advertising was still a young company, advertising sales was largely influenced by the image of the media. According to a TV audience of Phoenix, including highly educated, high-income, urban elite of China. Access to the station in the coveted Chinese market has outperformed the groups foreign media such as Time Warner and Viacom. However, its audience share at the national level, was lower than the state television, CCTV, and large groups of national media, raising production standards and captivated the audience with dramatic programming. The board of Phoenix TV has considered changing the threat on the horizon: the convergence of telecommunications and broadcasting, further liberalization of the media industry in China, and the gradual roll-out of digital television in throughout the country, increasing demand for content and offer new opportunities for subscription television. Above all, the president of Phoenix TV, Liu Changle, concerned that the station was too dependent on advertising revenue. In June 2006, China Mobile acquired a 19.9% ​​stake in Phoenix TV News Corp. Through a new partnership, Phoenix TV hopes to diversify into new media as a content provider for the largest mobile operator in China .
Yuen Ming Chan,
Amir Hoosian
Source: University of Hong Kong
34 pages.
Release Date: January 4, 2007. Prod #: HKU732-PDF-ENG
Phoenix Satellite Television: The art of broadcasting solution for China

Phoenix Satellite Television: The Art of Broadcasting in China Case Solution
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