Electric power stations:

To increase the acceptance of ecofriendly cars among the customers, Tesla planned to establish electric car charging station around every corner; providing ease to the conventional car users, which would increase their demand. Furthermore, Teslaneedsto build electric power stations in the U.S to provide quick charging capabilities to bring ease to its customers using electric car on long distances, which couldlead towards customers purchasing Tesla vehicles.If the consumers in the market fully accept the new technology and start to use electric cars, not as an alternative but as their primary source of transportation, then this would decrease the adverse effects of high level of CO2 emissions caused by the gas guzzlers.

New facilities: As its international market presence was small, Tesla planned to expand in other developing countries in an attempt to increase environmental awareness among the people. Therefore, opening new facilities in the emerging economies of the 21st century such as China would increase its market presence globally as well as it would ensure its corporate social stance in the global market.

Customer Acceptance: As Tesla is involved in a relative new technology and thatthe people are of the mindset that they believe conventional cars are more reliable then electric cars, therefore Tesla needs to highlight its core value of providing emission free electric cars, which have huge beneficial impacts on the environment as well as they are are cheaper than conventional cars.

Government Legislation: As electric cars are beneficial to the environment, various governments provide different tax credits andtax right-offs to the companies producing the electric carsandto the people owningelectric cars. It also adds to the factor that affects the appeal of electric car to the customers. Hence, Tesla ensured thatthe governments, where it operated, give these types of tax credits andright-offs.

Operational:Tesla incorporated efficient Production processes to reduce the amount of wastage and emissions their industry created in the production process. This reduced its overall carbon footprint of the corporation and allowed it to appear more socially responsible and enhanced the environmental ethical factor of the organization. In this way, the company would satisfy its mission and wouldbe able to enter new market more easily as well as itwould increase its environmentally friendly customers’ satisfaction levels.

Moreover, another example could be taken of Maria Yeeto assess the company’s environmental ethical stance. It is a company that manufactures furniture items using environmentally raw materials such as bamboo timber, which is collected from tree farmsregulated by the regulating bodies. Furthermore, the company practices the lean principles and has established its very own factory in Guangzhou and other parts of the country with the pursuance of the green strategy. This step reduced the cost of the company which incurred due to outsourcing partnering with other supplier to produce the goods. Moreover, this move helped the company to maintain its quality, while maintaining its stance on corporate social responsibility.This enabled the company to have a favorable impact on the environment, implementing its green strategic initiative, which increased its acceptance among the ecofriendly customer available in the market.……………….

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