Pfizer and the Challenges of Pharmaceutical Industry Case Solution & Answer

Pfizer and the Challenges of Pharmaceutical Industry Case Solution

1. Introduction

Pfizer is the largest pharmaceutical company, which has a broader research and development department. The market capitalization of Pfizer is highest rather than other pharmaceutical companies. Pfizer has an integrated system of manufacturing drugs, and it analyzes the market demand first, and after having a complete research; it launches the drug in the market. It is a giant in drug industry, which mainly manufactures for the human and animal health.

Pfizer is the largest company which has its overall branches in the world. It has almost $41,908 billion revenue in its annual report. It has branches in UK, USA, France, Mexico, Belgium and many other countries. It has most common and lucrative medicines, mainly: Lipitor, Celebrexand Eliquis. It has direct link with the hospitals, clinics and distributors. It held campaigns for health awareness with an inclusion of remedies for good health. (Lombardino, 2000)

It has a profitable production line, which enables the firm to generate high revenues and to be profitable in the pharmaceutical industry. The current market share of Pfizer is 40 million approximately. However, the company has good position in the market.

2. Company Background

The pioneers of Pfizer are two German immigrants, namely:Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart, who came to the USA and established the company. They started the company by taking loan and initially worked on anti-parasitic. After this, they increased the production line and gradually increased their market share. Like other firms, it also faced hurdles in the beginning, but as the time passed by; the firm achieved higher success and is now the most prominent pharmaceutical company in the world. However, the company has its main drugs from its initial time, which are the most prescribed drugs by the physicians and they have become a lucrative part of the company. Moreover, it has the primary medicines as well, but it does not emphasize more on primary medicines which generate least sales in the market.

3. Pfizer Market Positioning/Business Unit

The main concern of Pfizer is to make its customer relationship strong and manufacture drugs at affordable prices. However, in the current scenario, the company is working on many projects to make a vaccine which can be the remedy of the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, and the company is also striving to spread awareness among people regarding many contagious diseases. It is working on many strategic partnership campaigns and is serving the humanity as well.

4. Situational Analysis

4.1 SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis of Pfizer is provided below:


The company has a higher market capitalization with economies of scale, which helps the company in reducing costs and in maximizing its profits. Moreover, it has a vast research and development department, which continuously assesses the market demand and provides current information for the manufacturing.(Charrua, 2017)


However, the company is behind in some aspects, for example: it just depends on its top notch products and neglects the other primary medicines, which create minimization in the revenues.


As there is a change in the drug industry and the government has made flexible policies for pharmaceutical companies during Covid-19; Pfizer has an opportunity to expand in the market and increase the production line………………………

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