Petrolera Zuata Petrozuata C.A. Case Solution

Petrozuata development project is $ oilfield 2.5 billion proposed in Venezuela. The case is in 1997, the promoters of the project, Conoco and PDVSA (the national oil company of Venezuela), are intended to meet various development agencies and the rating agencies regarding the proposed financial structure. The authors hope to raise a portion of the debt of $ 1.5 billion in the financial markets, which will require an investment grade rating. The main issues are whether the project will achieve investment grade and, if not, how to finance the project. Describe what proved to be a financial transaction very well designed, which was named “Deal of the Year” in 1997 by almost all newspapers covering project financing.
Benjamin C. Esty,
Mathew Mateo Millett
Source: Harvard Business School
22 pages.
Release: September 23, 1998. Prod #: 299012-PDF-ENG
Oil Zuata, Petrozuata CA Case-Solution

Petrolera Zuata Petrozuata C.A. Case Solution
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