Perfect Storm over Zurich Airport Case Solution


Zurich Airport has been one of the most convenient airports in the world and especially in Europe it is being regarded as one of the finest in terms of cleanliness and efficiency. Although it is being considered as one of the most convenient airports with a history of around 50 years, however, the issues regarding punctuality are apparent. Josef Felder, the former vice president of finance and marketing at Crossair is brought in by the top management of Zurich Airport to improve the condition of the airport that is causing the airport to lose its market share.

In his early assessment of the airport, Felder identified that the management has been quite focused on building infrastructure, but in the last decade and more this focus has been diverted. The airport administration has ignored the infrastructure development that has created a backlog and made it less competitive in the European market specifically. The situation started to get worse and the delay in departures and arrivals became a consistent practice. There were many political reasons associated with it, but also many administrative concerns were there that needed to be sought out.

Privatization law was passed in the country that allowed Felder to take the airport to new beginnings and merged the two major stakeholders FIG and FDZ. He became the new CEO but with the passage of time, a series of incidents occurred that created a new challenge for Felder. As it was his first major responsibility and experience as a CEO, he was unable to cater the situation appropriately. The paper examines the issue; the Unique Zurich Airport is facing and critically analyzes the situation to provide probable outcomes. The paper provides a clear recommendation to Felder to handle the situation.

Perfect Storm over Zurich Airport Case Solution & Answer

Problem Statement

The issue faced by the CEO of the Unique Zurich Airport is regarding the transformation of the airport. Surrounded by many crises, the CEO wants to seek options that will enable him to shape the airport into a privatized world class facility. Currently, the progress of the airport is slow, and there are certain conflicts between the management and the stakeholders as the entity belongs to the government. In such situation, achieving this objective seems challenging as his leadership style is unique and this is his first role as a CEO.

Current Situation

There are several questions that have been raised about the management of Felder, and the Swiss media are forcing him to resign from his post. The reason for this hostile attitude of the media is due to a series of incidents that have made the situation critical for Felder, and the achievement of his objective seems deeming. The first and the major incident that has created trouble for Felder is the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in US. This incident has brought a serious decline in the air traffic and created a sense of fear.

The above-mentioned incident is a global scenario, but there are some related incidents that have made the situation more complex for Felder. First of all, the cancelation of financial support from a major stakeholder forced the airport management to leave the infrastructure expansion project incomplete. The bankruptcy of the Swiss national airline also created issues in order to meet the revenue targets due to a serious decline in air traffic. Lastly, an air crash took place during the takeoff that took the lives of everyone on board including the pilot. In such situation, the objective of Felder to transform the airport is hit by a storm that needs to be fixed.


This portion will utilize Bolman and Deal’s Framework to analyze the organization and identify the situation more closely.

Structural Framework

The structure of the organization is quite efficient, and it can be stated the organization is structured with the proper management system. However, there are certain drawbacks in the structure as the majority of the ownership belongs to Canton. In such situation, Felder focused on building infrastructure and insisted on privatization to take the airport to global world class standards. The appointments of different people or managers contradicted in many ways as different managers have different views to handle operations……………………..

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Perfect Storm over Zurich Airport Case Solution
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