Pedigree Vs. Grit Case Solution & Answer

Pedigree Vs. Grit  Case Solution

Question 1

Part A

The most important goal of the regression model is to build up a higher R-square value. The value of the two most important factors of the regression, a low P value and a high R squared value indicates a change in response variables to cope up an appropriate prediction. This situation is wholly and solely based on numbers only because a low r square is not essentially bad, or a high r square is not essentially good. Research shows that diagrams are essential for the analysis of predictor variables in regression analysis. Therefore, the difference is founded on the element that Jack Beam only considers numerical analysis and does not correctly analyze regression analysis when he correctly interprets the results of regression analysis. graphics.

Part B

Unnecessary regression will have a larger squared position of R, in which the number of suppressors in the model will be greater than necessary and the degree of col-linearity between suppressors will be high.

Part C

Bob and Rockefeller’s RETs are 103 and 132, respectively. An important factor in accepting the regression output is linearity. This linearity is affected by changes in the number of directly related suppressors, i.e., if the number of suppressors exceeds the number of suppressors required, the linearity will also be greater.

Question 2

Part A

The figure in Exhibit shows an analysis of a linear regression of Bob and Rockefeller RET. SAT, AGE, GRI, and AGE are non-critical factors with a 5 percent level of significance as compared to MBA and NET. These features or issues are critical in defining that who will achiever accomplish better, so RET is evaluated based on the total value of the two candidates belongs to the SAT, GRI, AGE, TEN, and MBA, and Putney must perform better than Bob.

Part B

Since Putney has an MBA, the calculations in the previous graph show that he should achieve a higher return than Bob without an MBA.

Question 3

Part A

If Bob goes to Princeton University instead of Ohio State University with a significance level of 5%, then yes, because the SAT coefficient is positive and the value coefficient is also positive: p, the return will be higher.

Part B

Yes, this question requires a control confidence level of 10% because the GRI coefficient is less than -1. If you run a fund belongs with growth instead of an income fund, you will achieve a high return of at least 1%.

Question 4

Part A

The above formula provides a linear regression equation, the MBA as the independent variable (x), while all other TEN, AGE, GRI, and SAT factors remain unchanged. Although there is no substantial evidence in Regression Table 1 that people with MBA = 1 exceed the MBA value of 0, the coefficient that negatively and advantageously influences the MBA is very high. Therefore, according to Table 1, the direction cannot change.

Part B

Beta is inversely proportional to the MBA coefficient. If we use beta as an independent variable (x), we need to increase the value of the MBA coefficient, which currently ranges from negative to positive, by 2.64216.

Question 5

The table above shows that at a confidence level of 9%, the coefficient becomes negative. Therefore, it has a negative impact on the performance of managers………………….

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