paul levy Confronting a Corporate campaign Case Solution


The social impact which makes the BIDMC in weakness is because most of the workers believe that union labour is only beneficial towards them without realising that the changes it may bring on thecompany may cause problems in running effectively and efficiently. As most people believe that SEIU will bring about the good in the company regarding labours and increase of wages, most of the worker would surely agree that SEIU gains control of the company.


For the survival of the company it requires advanced machinery and proper maintenance, and for that the company deeply requires funds. SEIU can definitely interfere with the BIDMC investors and lenders if the BIDMC declines to sign the neutrality agreement form and would basically put the company in bad shape.

Strategies Available for Levy

Alternative # 1:

The first alternative that Levy could take is publishing interesting blogs to its readers on Facebook and Twitter regarding the SEIU corporate campaign. The reason as it already has 10,000 readers among 2000 are the people working in the hospital and growing; Levy can use the social media in convincing the people for being against SEIU.
  • Sending message to almost the entire people working in the hospital
  • Less costly and effective method in reaching to all the employees
  • Gaining the support of others such as Harvard students and other readers.


  • Some workers might not be able to agree with being against SEIU.
  • Employees who have been laid off in 2002 would stand with SEIU.

Alternative # 2:

The second alternative that Levy should consider is that it uses all its well-known sources to counter attack the SEIU corporate campaign. As Levy has experiences and relations with many big firm CEOs and also having relations with many politicians such as Bill Clinton, Governor Dukakis and some other immense sources in Harvard to gain an advantage against SEIU.


  • Gaining political advantage against SEIU
  • The sources can provide financing to BIDMC to overcome the financial issues


  • SEIU still may have more current political favours than BIDMC
  • Will not be much effective standing off against SEIU.


The best strategy that Paul Levy should consider is using his blogs and social media in publishing interesting blogs to its readers on Facebook and Twitter regarding the SEIU corporate campaign. The reason as its number of traffic visits in its blogs have been greatly increasing, and out of those numbers, around 30% were of the people working in the hospital. Paul Levy is a caring, innovative and thoughtful person can gain the advantage against SEIU by using blogs as a cost effective method and countering SEIU corporate campaign. He could write blogs about the company time of difficulties and how he was able to turn around the company with taking effective strategy which would not be able to be successful if the union labour were involved.


Paul Levy, a graduate and teacher of Harvard,have been able to turn around the BIDMC when it was performing badly successfully. Paul Levy used certain effective strategies in which it enhanced the culture of the company and brought BIDMC financial condition to break-even from loss. BIDMC faced an immense challenge as SEIU a union labour group desired to gain the labour operations of the hospital. Levy intentions were that SEIU did not interfere with the BIDMC rules, regulation and policies and was looking for some solution to counter its corporate campaign against BIDMC.

The Certain alternative was identified in solving the issues regarding the SEIU corporate campaign. The best alternative in my opinion is that Levy uses its known social media method in creating interesting blogs and articles on effective social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to counter the corporate campaign by providing proof to its followers as why the company does not require any labor union in controlling their operations as it may jeopardize its business and may cause its performance to decline………………….

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