Patient Order Sets Case Solution

In February 2004, a doctor working in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Toronto wondered how? Implement a strategy by which a team of health care might work better and consistent patient care based on the best evidence. Orders physicians varies from doctor to doctor, and often the team health care had little information about what worked best, what is the best proof was and how they could ensure that their patients receive the best possible care . He wondered if it would be possible to take “joint control” of the airline industry – step by step check lists based on evidence that could be used by doctors to control treatments patients. He acknowledged that there were problems in implementation? Piece of a program of this type, in particular the absence of a technology strategy standardized information on the health system in the province and fear of losing their autonomy in medical care decisions. The doctors had access to clinical practice guidelines, which were designed to help them make decisions based on informed by removing the burden of research design and measurement of intervention trials, but many have found these to be too long, often outdated and not integrated into the clinical trial. How are these guidelines could be integrated with doctors’ orders to create a standard to ensure that all patients have access to the best possible care process?
Anne Snowdon,
Alexander Smith,
Pardeep Sidhu
Source: Ivey Publishing
7 pages.
Release: September 13, 2013. Prod #: W13384-PDF-ENG
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Patient Order Sets Case Solution
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