Partners In Health: The PACT Project Case Solution

Partners in Health is a nonprofit organization based in Boston that provides health care to people in some of the poorest regions of the world, including Haiti, Malawi, Rwanda and Peru. In 1998, PIH has established a (PACT) program in Boston to care for AIDS patients and tuberculosis that are not well served by existing systems of care delivery. Describe PIH programs in the developing world and how the lessons learned from these countries have informed the design and management of PACT. Examine the balance between custom and standard care approaches and challenges students to examine their assumptions about the social role of ideas in health care delivery. Dr. Heidi Behforouz, director of PACT, decide whether a service design perfected in developing countries may be more used in the world’s richest countries.
Richard Bohmer,
Josh Friedman
Source: Harvard Business School
23 pages.
Release: September 26, 2007. Prod #: 608065-PDF-ENG
Partners in Health: the resolution of cases of PACT projects

Partners In Health: The PACT Project Case Solution
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