Pak Elektron Limited: Converting Systems to ERP Case Solution

Pak Elektron Limited was a major appliance manufacturer to the consumer level, mass distribution and power transformers and switch gears to energy companies in Pakistan. Since 2007, the company began the process of change in corporate information systems. These systems have become obsolete since Microsoft withdrew its support of Visual FoxPro, the platform on which all systems have been developed. The company decided that a system of tier 1 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) hard in the manufacture of modules would be appropriate. Subsequently an ERP system was selected and a cabinet was appointed executor in December 2009. The case describes the challenges of implementation? Processability, including many unexpected events. Displays the status of the fourth quarter of 2011, after Phase 1? That part development was completed in December 2010 and the company decided in March 2011 to provide consulting services to support the development? PART. Pak Elektron Limited is facing a liquidity crisis and had to cut costs, even if there was insufficient knowledge of ERP business processes. The staff did not feel comfortable with the ERP system and dropped the existing systems and as such, the project was in trouble.
Muntazar B. Ahmed
Source: Ivey Publishing
21 pages.
Date Posted: April 27, 2012. Prod #: W12945-PDF-ENG
Pak Elektron Limited: Case conversion systems ERP solution

Pak Elektron Limited: Converting Systems to ERP Case Solution
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