Pahalwan’s: Need For a New Marketing Strategy Case Solution & Answer

Pahalwan’s: Need For a New Marketing Strategy CASE SOLUTION

Case Dilemma

Pahalwan is the premier name in retailing, trading and manufacturing of Indian savor and sweets industry. Pahalwan is a chain of outlets that sell snacks foods, sweets and fast food items in Jammu, India. The company has the major and strong presence in the state of the Jammu & Kashmir, and was engaged in delivery of products to other parts of the country, including: Delhi. However, the domestic and international competitors in the food retail industry have entered into the market, which have spurred the competition’s intensity to a greater extent.

The significant change in customer preferences has also started influencing the organization in contrary-manner. The company doesn’t believe in product-advertisement and focuses a very little energy on branding activities, hence the company is in dire need of developing a plan for cost-effective-communication and an innovative strategy, to drive the sales. The company is also concerned about bringing new products in the markets and targeting new markets, in order to remain profitable in the market. With stagnant sales; the company is facing an ineffective corporate strategy to guide that has failed in guiding it on how to deal with a rising competition and how to meet the new challenges in the market.

Theories, facts, analysis& Models

SWOT Analysis


  1. The company has earned good reputation and brand value among consumers in Jammu,and was awarded by the PM of state in 1952.
  2. The company has a strong significant market share, with strong presence in the domestic market.
  3. With huge accentuate on supreme quality offerings and innovations of product & various channels of distribution; the company has gained a competitive edge of captivating the customer’s heart.
  4. The company has-strong financial resources, allowing it to continue different growth strategies.


  1. The company has a local brand awareness, making it less appealing for young generation.
  2. The company has lower focus on product’s marketing and communication, due to which it could lose its customer base.


  1. The company could exploit the opportunity of expanding the business into untapped areas of India.
  2. The diversification would allow the company to yield greater financial outcomes.


  1. The company is facing-strong and robust competition from the local players and MNCs with viable brand image and presence as well as high investment in the marketing strategies.
  2. The change in customer’ preference’s come up with new packaging styles or ideas & new varieties.

Customer Buying Behavior Analysis

Due to an increasing prevalence of sustainable business operations and an increasing consumer’s inclination toward making purchases from environment friendly companies; Pahalwan is considering to shift the process to sustainable operations, in order to sustain its position in the market. The customers seek to try different non-veg items and sugar free sweets to match the lifestyle. The customers also prefers to purchase goods online, based on the convenience and easy features of online buying.

In addition to this, digitization of the brand has also occurred, which has made the physical existence of the products shift into the digital world, which in turn calls for incorporating the digitization into its processes through developing an online mobile payment system, along with a reward point system to offer convenience to the consumers and to strengthen the consumer relationship.(Rigby, 2011)………………..

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